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In WW2, the American Browning Automatic Rifle, also commonly known as the BAR. And the Canadian/British Bren where commonly used as the squad support weapons for standard inantry squads during WW2.the BAR's 30. cal round and the Brens 303. british round were easily classified that once you hit the enemy it was fire and forget. But that wasnt terribly true, yet it was for the Germans SturmGewehr-44, better known as the STG-44,or MP-44. It fired a 7.92 round that was the same fired out of the Karabiner 1898 Kurtz or, yes, better known as the KAR98K. The SturmGewehr-44 is said to be the father of the AK-47, the famous Russian assault rifle that is used in over 107 countries. Later variants of the STG-44 were made such as the FG-42 the German Fallschrimager paratroops weapon that was limited to 5000 that were produced due to the factory bombings.the STG-44 was mainly used as a modern day assault rifle is used today.

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How were assult rifles used in World War I?

Assault rifles made their appearance during WW2. However, the british used a machine gun in world war 1 called the Bren that was quite like an assault rifle of the day.

Which weapons were NOT used in World War 1?

Atomic bombs, missiles, choppers, jet aircraft, and assault rifles

Did Britain use assault rifles in world war 2?

No. The first "assualt rifle" was created late in the war by the Germans. The British used bolt action rifles, carbines, submachine guns an light machine guns.

How many rifles were used in World War 2?

Over 100 million rifles were used during World War 2.

What weapons did the British use in world war 2?

Everybody knows that the British used assault rifles and sniper rifles, and so did the rest of the armies in the war. Airplanes, tanks, cannons, artillery, bombs, hand grenades, knives were just some of the items used.

What country used rifles in world war 1?

All nations that were engaged in combat used rifles.

Are lancer assault rifles real?

No. They exist only in Gears of War.

What was used by all soldiers in World War 1?


Why did they used rifles in World War 1?

To kill people Hello

What guns did they use in world war 1?

Many different kinds of guns were used during World War I. Specifically, machine guns, submachine guns, Mauser rifles, and Lee-Enfield rifles were used.

How was the Henry Repeating Riffle used in the civil war?

Union forces had privately purchased them. Rebel forces used captured repeating rifles. The repeater, was considered the "assault rifle" of the Civil War. Just as the M16 assault rifle replaced the M14 rifle in Vietnam.

Was the bolt action rifle the first rifle used in World War 2?

There were multiple bolt action rifles used in World War 2 on all sides. There were also semi and full-auto rifles used on all sides.

Was sniper rifles used during world war 1?

Yes. U.S. used 1903 Springfield with Warner-Swasey scope. Germany used many scoped commercial rifles as well as military rifles.

What were the main battle rifles the us used in World War 2?

Look on Wikipedia

Did any World War 1 rifle ever have scopes?

Standard infantry rifles did not, but there were scoped rifles used for sniping during WWI.

How did assault rifles affect World War 2?

Assault Rifles were only introduced at the absolute end of WWII by the Nazi's in the form of the STG-44 (Also know as MP-44). They didn't make an enourmous change in warfare as machine-guns had, however they did prove to be a very succesful fire-arm. Overall their late arrival and limited deployment made it that assault rifles had quite little affect on the war overall, however, this was the first appreance of them in combat. Also of note would be the FG-42, a weapon of similar concept to the STG-44 used by the Nazi Parratroopers, (The Falschirmjagers).

What assault rifle did the Russians use in World War 2?

They never had assault rifles in those days, apart from nazi Germany who invented the MP-44, but the Russians built there first ever assault rifle, the AK-47 in 1949, which was based on the MP-44.

Did World War 2 solders have rifles?

Yes. Especially towards the start of the war, bolt action and semi automatic rifles were the most common infantry weapon used.

What rifles were used in the Revolutionary War?

They didn't use rifles. They used smoothbore muskets and flintlocks

What were the main weapons in World War I?

The main weapons used for world war 1 happen to be the muskets, poisonous gas, airplanes, and sniper rifles

What kind of weapons did the british soldiers use in the world war 2?

they used rifles and big cannons

During World War 1 - Which rifle did not work properly?

None of the rifles used were 100%

What guns were used in ww1?

There are many different guns used in world war one including: Machine GunsRiflesPistols

What weapons did the people in world war 2 use?

Assault Rifles: L85A2, Ak74M, Scar H SMG's: MP7A1, Uzi, SR-2M Veresk Shotguns: Benelli M10A1, Spas-12, AA12 Sniper Rifles: AWM, TPG-1, Dragunov SVD There ya go mate, these weapons are used across WW2 and used by different sides.

What did the solders in World War 2 use?

they used rifles, shotguns, helmets to cover their heads, and alot of pistols

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