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How were assault rifles used in World War 2?



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In WW2, the American Browning Automatic Rifle, also commonly known as the BAR. And the Canadian/British Bren where commonly used as the squad support weapons for standard inantry squads during WW2.the BAR's 30. cal round and the Brens 303. british round were easily classified that once you hit the enemy it was fire and forget. But that wasnt terribly true, yet it was for the Germans SturmGewehr-44, better known as the STG-44,or MP-44. It fired a 7.92 round that was the same fired out of the Karabiner 1898 Kurtz or, yes, better known as the KAR98K. The SturmGewehr-44 is said to be the father of the AK-47, the famous Russian assault rifle that is used in over 107 countries. Later variants of the STG-44 were made such as the FG-42 the German Fallschrimager paratroops weapon that was limited to 5000 that were produced due to the factory bombings.the STG-44 was mainly used as a modern day assault rifle is used today.