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Castles built after about the year 1200 could be built with chimneys, which were new technology at the time, and could be heated by fireplaces in the various rooms. This was not common, however.

Most castles were heated by building fires on hearths or braziers in the middles of rooms and allowing the smoke to rise to the roof and be vented from there. This meant that the rooms that were heated had to be big enough and high enough for such a fire, and this was the reason a castle would have a room in it called the Great Hall. One of the reasons castles were drafty was that venting the fire required the equivalent of an open window at the top of the room. Other rooms were normally not heated.

Smaller rooms could be heated by using a hearth at the side of the room if the wall was made of stone and the hearth had a smoke canopy. A smoke canopy was a device that gathered the smoke to vent it out through a hole in the roof or wall. I have seen a number of pictures of them, but all of these were in kitchens. They may have been used in some other rooms, but it would appear it was not a common practice. The related question below on smoke canopies has links to pictures.

There were places, particularly Spain, where an ancient system of heating was maintained and used in castles. In this system, called a hypocaust, a fire was used to heat an air space under the floor. Such a system was expensive, and in most of Europe people probably did not even know about it.

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How was castles heated in the Medieval Times?

Castles were heated using fire places.

How were medieval castles heated?

massive fireplaces

How were castles heated in the middle ages?


How are castles heated?

Castles in the Middle Ages didn't have heaters, obviously. Instead, they had multiple fires going in the castle. The wealthier the castle, the more fireplaces they could afford.

What kind of castles were built?

Stone castles, Concentric castles, Motte and Bailey Castles

What were the first kind of castles?

the first kind of castles were moat and bailey castles.

Did the layers of walls in castles help to store heat?

Castle walls were not intended to store heat. Part of the problem of castles was that most of the rooms in them were not heated at all, and in most castles the parts that were heated needed open windows or louvers in the roof to let the smoke out because they did not have chimneys. When people say they were cold and drafty, they are telling the truth. Stone also conducts heat pretty efficiently, so even in modern times, with windows and heaters that do not give off smoke into rooms, they tend to feel cold.

What types of medieval castles were there?

mote and bailey castles and stone keep castles and Concentric Castles

How many diffrent types of castles are there?

there are two different types of castles. one is the royal castles and the private castles.

What types of castles are best?

the best are stone enclosure castles,concentric castles,tower houses, motte and bailey castles, stone castles,fortified manors

Are all castles the same?

No, all castles are different in some way. These are the different types of castles: * Motte and Bailey castles (made out of wood) * Stone keep castles or just stone castles (made out of stone) * Concentric castles (also made out of stone)

Why did they change from motte and bailey to concentric castles?

Because motte and bailey castles were only a tempory castles until the square keep castles and concentric castles were built

What are the difference between medieval castles and today's castles?

There is nothing different between todays castles and medieval time castles. Today's castles were built in medieval times.

What type of castles are there?

motte and bailey, stone keep castles and concentric castles

What castles were siege machines used on?

Motte and Bailey castles and Concentric castles

Why did square keep castles change to concentric castles?

Square keep castles changed to concentric castles because castles got upgraded as we evolved, so did ideas for castles with more defence, space and attack power.

What is the history of the Motte and Bailey Castles Concentric Castles and Stone Keep Castles?

they all did IT.

Which castles were built after the stone castles?

Harry Styles Castles were build to represent how fit he is!

What were Norman castles made of?

This depends on what type of castle your referring to. In the Norman times, there were two different types of castles built. There were Motte and Bailey castles and Stone keep castles (Stone castles). The Motte and Bailey castles were made out of wood and the Stone keep castles were made out of stone (obviously).

What are the differences between stone castles and motte and bailey castles?

stone castles are stone and motte and bailey castles are wood and easy to build

What are the release dates for America's Castles - 1994 Castles on the Bay?

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What castles did they have in Medieval Times?

Medieval castles.

How tall are castles?

it varies between castles

Does Denmark have castles?

Yes, Denmark has castles.

What came after stone castles?

ConCentric castles

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