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How were castles maed in the Middle Ages?

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the castles in the middle ages were made of stone not wood because wood would burn easily.

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What were castles built for in the middle ages?

Castles in the Middle Ages were used to keep out enemies.

How have castles changed since the middle ages?

No castles have been built since the middle ages

What types of castles in the middle ages?

Motte and bailey castles

Why were castles built in the Middle ages?

Castles were built in the middle ages to defend William of Normandy's armies and provide homes for them too!

What were castles made of in the middle ages?

Bricks ...that's what castles were made out of

What style castles were built in the middle ages?

motte and bailey castles

How do castles from the Middle Ages influence us today?

they haven't and the middle ages is irrelevant

When were castles first popular?

in the middle ages

How were castles heated in the middle ages?


What was a fortified dwelling of the middle ages called?

Fortified dwellings of the Middle Ages were castles and fortified manor houses. Not all dwellings were castles, however.

How did castles change form the early Middle Ages to the late Middle Ages?

Castles in the early middle ages were motte and bailey castles- a motte was a large mound and a bailey was like a courtyard. These developed into the standard castle with strong stone walls etc.

When were castles important?

castles were important in the middle ages mainly in 1066 and onwards

Why were castles developed in the middle ages?

Castles were developed in the middle ages because people thought that the kings and queens should live more wealthier than the peasant's. Therefore, they built castles.

Why were castles a symbol of the Middle Ages?

Castles have a rather distinctive architecture, and were nearly all built in the Middle Ages. They were also politically and militarily important in the time.

Famous castles of the Middle Ages?

There is a link below to a website on famous medieval castles.

What were castles made from in the middle ages?

bricks or wood

Where did knights in the middle ages live?

In castles or the Inn.

Where in the Middle Ages did the invasions occur?

in different castles

Why were castles built during the middle ages?

fortification and protection

Did medieval castles change during the middle ages?


How lived in fortified castles during the middle ages?

the nobility

Where did the nobles in the middle ages live?

They live in castles of their own.

What were castles like in the middle ages?

they werwe build by a brick

What did castles mean in the middle ages?

they were a sign of power and wealth.

Who used drawbridges in the middle ages?

Castles over a moat.