How were countries formed?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: How were countries formed?
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What new countries were formed after the peace treaties?

The Formed countries were: Estonia, Lativa, Lithuania, and Finland

The countries which formed the tripple entente?

Britain, France, and Russia were the countries that formed the Triple Entente

Was the EU formed by Germany?

No. It was formed by the different countries that are members. There were 12 members in it when the European Union was officially formed in 1993, so eleven other countries also formed it. There are now 28 members.

New countries was formed after India was partitioned in 1947?

Pakistan and Bangladesh were formed.

Which people have formed an economic oligarchy in several Latin America countries?

which people have formed an economic oligarchy in several latin American countries

What is another one of the newly formed countries that became an independent?

All present day countries were newly formed at some point in history

How did the countries formed?

because of man's selfishness

How the countries formed?

because of man's selfishness

What countries formed the Austrian empire?

julia cessia

How were the g20 countries chosen and why was the g20 formed?


What former countries formed Poland?

Poland was not formed with other countries. Country and state of Poland established in tenth century, more than 1000 years ago.

What was formed when the western countries refused to leave the union?

What countries and what Union? Need more information to answer.