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Q: How were front line troops in World War 2 in Europe supplied?
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How were Canada's contributions to World War I and World War 2 different?

Canada's contribution to World War 2 was more logistical than their contribution to World War 1. They supplied food, ammunition and other necessities to the soldiers. In World war 1, they contributed by fighting along the Western Front with the help of the French and British troops. They fought against the Germans along the Western Front.

What did the US do in World War I?

The US helped the Allied powers and supplied weapons until the entered in 1917. They fought on the western front with France and Great Britain. After Russia left the war, then Germany could move all there troops to the western front. It became much harder to hold.

What happened to Canada during world war 1?

Answer Canada raised many troops to send to the front lines in Europe. However, Canada itself was never attacked or invaded as far as I know.

Where did American troops do most their fighting in World War 1?

on the Western Front

Is Normandy in Europe?

Yes. Normandy is the northern coast of France located in the continent of Europe. On D-Day the beaches were stormed with allied troops who seeked to push forward to reach the western front of Europe.

Who were the eastern front in world war 2?

The Eastern Front of World War Two was in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

What area did the allied forces open up a second front in the European war theater during World War 2?

The "first front" in Europe was the eastern front and the fighting was done mostly by Russian and the Germans. The second frint was opened on the coast of Normandy after troops landed on D-Day.

How is fluid supplied to torque converter?

By the front pump.

Why was the eastern front important to world war 2?

Because with out it the nazis would have redirected their troops to the western front and crushed the allies.

World war two in Europe campaign?

The western allies on the western front, and the Soviets on the Russian Front.

What does western front mean?

During a war, a "front" is a place where armies are fighting battles. In World War I, most of the major battles were in Europe. So in World War I, "Western Front" refers to the front in the western portion of Europe- it was mainly in northern France, where Germany had invaded. The "Eastern Front" was in Eastern Europe, primarily around the borders between Russia and Germany/Austria-Hungary.

In world war 1 where was the eastern front located?

Central-Eastern Europe

What was the battle front in Europe like during World War 1?


Where did American troops in World War 1 do the most fighting?

In France, Belgium, etc. ... the Western Front.

Where did the us fight at in world war 1?

The United States' troops fought on the Western Front in France.

What enabled Germany to move thousands of troops from the Eastern Front to the Western Front?

Russia's withdrawal from the war allowed Germans to move thousands of troops from the Eastern Front to the Western Front in France.

What was the principle region of conflict in Europe during World War 1?

western front

When did US troops arrive on the Western Front?

On June 26, 1917, the first US troops arrived in France during World War I. Unfortunately, the soldiers arrived untrained, and lacking in both equipment and readiness to begin to fight on the western front.

Why was Russia unable to dominate the eastern front in World War 1?

Germany had more advanced weapons than Russia and they were poorly supplied.

What was the USSR pressuring the Western Allies into in World War 2?

Once the allies successfully invaded Europe, this forced Germany to divert more troops from the Eastern Front to the Western Front. Until this happened with Operation Overlord, the Russians handled the brunt of the German war effort. They pressured the other allies to attack Europe as soon as possible to ease their losses and force German to divide and weaken its forces.

What is a communications trench in World War I?

Communication trenches ran between safe areas and the front-line trench. They allowed troops to move safely to and from the front line...

What were the effects on Germany fighting a two front war in World War 2?

The effects were that Germany's troops had to be spread out, if they fought on a single front Germany would not have to spread out troops, meaning more organization, and it would be generally easier for Germany to win the war.

What attack was the one that opened up the second front in Europe?

Are you referring to World War I or World War II? In World War I, Germany was the reason for the opening of the Western Front, by the invasion of Belgium in order to attack France. In World War II, Germany, again, was the reason for the opening of the Western Front. First, they attacked Denmark and Norway (which would be more considered a Northern Front) which was the first contact of German and Allied troops (the British deployed into Norway, but retreated). The Germans then attacked the Benelux countries and France, all falling in a matter of weeks. In both world wars, the initial front was the Eastern Front (on a German standpoint).

When did World War 2 officially end in Europe?

VE (Victory in Europe) Day was May 8, 1945.8/9 may 1945 in europeMay 8, 19458th May 1945On May 8, 1945, Germany surrendered on the Eastern Front to the advancing Soviets. On May 7, they had surrendered to Britain and US on the Western front. The last German troops held out in Prague until May 11, 1945.

What makes the US a weaker state than Great Britain?

Because - in order for the us to 'participate' in WWII, they had to transport their troops half-way across the planet to reach the front lines of the battle. The UK is only separated from Europe by 22 miles of water - making it easier and quicker for our troops to be sent to the front-line.