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How were juan ponce de leon's navigational skills?

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When people like him sailed it was a hit/miss type of thing. An astrolabe was used and they usually had a Portuguese pilot on the ship . This man did all of the navigation and kept the maps. So, Leon didn't have to have any skill in this area .

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What was ponce de leons ship called?

what was juan ponce de leons ship called?

How can you describe juan ponce de leons crew?

ponce de leons crew was strong loyal and trust worthy

Juan ponce de leons childhood?

he was born in the sea.

What were Juan Ponce De Leons hopes?

He wanted to find the Fountain of Youth.

Where was juan ponce de leons destination?

i dont know that is why i am asking u

Who paid for Juan Ponce de Leon's voyage?

Ferdinand ll of Aragon paid for ponce de Leons voyage.

What is Juan Ponce de Leons brothers and sisters name?

he did not have any brothers or sisters so it is a no

What was juan ponce de leons home country?

Spain, he was a Spanish explorer exploring the Americas.

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