How were the American boats going to return back to their base?

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Most of the American Ships were at their base.
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When you row a boat on the pond why does the boat go forward when you are pulling the oars back toward you?

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton'slaws are essential to understand. When you apply force through yourores you are getting an equal response. Th

If you haven't filed tax returns how far back can the IRS go after you?

Actually, very simply, for forever.. The Stautes of Limitation, which determine how far they can review and assess, do not start running until you file a return. Don't file,
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Can a runner on first base go to second and return to first?

Only if it is within the same play that he advanced to 2nd, however, for this to happen several things would need to take place, and it would make no strategic sense to do it.
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What does a boat going back to front mean?

The phrase doesn't mean anything. Going from the back to the front of a boat would be said as going from stern to stem, going from aft to bow or simply going forward, usuall
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Can you go back a touch a base you missed after an overthrow?

FULL DISCUSSION OF RULE FOLLOWS If a base runner fails to properly tag a base, the runner can be ruled out if a fielder later (ie, before the next pitch) touches that base whi
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What does the Windows based disc utility Go Back cover?

The Windows based disc utility Go Back is a feature by Norton, it covers up to 8GB of changes to the disk by marking safe points whenever the file system is idle for a few sec