How were the American boats going to return back to their base?

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Most of the American Ships were at their base.
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When you row a boat on the pond why does the boat go forward when you are pulling the oars back toward you?

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton'slaws are essential to understand. When you apply force through yourores you are getting an equal response. Therefore it's like youusing the water to throw your weight in the direction of needbeing. Another example would be if you're i ( Full Answer )

How to file back tax returns?

Answer . The term for this is called "Amended Returns". Contact your individual state income tax agency for the procedures. For a Federal Return, contact the IRS.

What is the back of a boat called?

The back of the boat or ship is called the stern. Also, when facing forward, the right is starboard, the left is port, the front it the bow.

How can you get a repossessed boat back?

Pay all the payments that are in arrears for starters. The lending company may insist on re-writing the loan at a higher interest rate as you are now an "at risk" borrower. Bottom line, pay what is owed on time, every time ... if you are going to be even one hour late in any payment, notify the lend ( Full Answer )

What do you call the Back end of boat?

Transom - is the member forming the backend of a boat. The back of a boat is known as the stern. ~Larry Merritt, Coconut Creek, FL (and avid kayaker).

If you haven't filed tax returns how far back can the IRS go after you?

Actually, very simply, for forever.. The Stautes of Limitation, which determine how far they can review and assess, do not start running until you file a return. Don't file, and they have forever to assess you, plus penalties, interest, etc. And of course, there is the criminal nature of the act to ( Full Answer )

What is the Back of a boat and front of boat called?

\nIn general terms, 'aft' is the rear half of the boat while 'forward' is the front half. More specifically, the front of the boat is referred to as the 'bow' and the back as the 'stern'. The back of a boat is called the stern, and the front is called the bow. . The back of the boat or ship is call ( Full Answer )

Did Native American kids go to school back then?

yes native Americans did go to school back then there is a book that will prove native Americans did infact go to school the book is called My heart is on the ground: the diary of Nannie Little Rose by Ann Rinaldi from the Dear America series

Will a boomerang return back to you in space?

I don't think so because a boomerang requires air to fly back, and in space, there is no air, so it would just keep going and going would be the theory. Because no movable force, it should keep going, but than again, i thought about it, and seeming how cold it is due to no air, it might possibly fre ( Full Answer )

If you miss a call back on national American miss can you still go?

I'm not completely sure, but i think you could probrably just call the number on the letter you received and tell them you're interested in participating. & if you have any questions, they can answer them. There's a $440 enterence fee, so they pretty much don't turn down anyone unless you have inapp ( Full Answer )

How far after you file a tax return can the IRS go back in a audit?

First, there are many SOLs, mainly ones for auditing the info, assesment of the tax and collection of the you see a progression that added together can be a long time.. Depending on certain things, the audit one is normally 3 or 4 years. However, a substantial underpayment, normally more t ( Full Answer )

I work for a small firm who occasionally rents out medical equipment and one of our clients has not paid for or returned one of our machines How do we get our equipment back and what can we go after?

Assuming you have some sort of a contract or written agreement, the solution should be written in the document. If no solution is listed or there is no document, you face more of a problem. All of the following assumes you can easily prove ownership of the item to the police. You can report the m ( Full Answer )

My boyfriend has a green card but is coming back to Australia to live ASAP Can he divorce his American wife from here or is he going to have to go back to the US?

\nHe will have to have divorce proceedings in the country that he got married in,namely the US.There is also the danger of him losing his Green card since you can only be out of the US for only 6 months at one time if he plans on living in Australia full time.\n\nMy suggestion would be to get a new ( Full Answer )

Who urged Native Americans to go back to their old customs?

The native americans were urged to return to their comstoms by General William Henry Harrison. He did so because he was alarmed by the growing power of the two Shawnee Brothers. He feared they would form an alliance with the British.

A ball is thrown vertically upward it returns back in the hand of the thrower in 60 seconds how high does it go?

Assuming the ball is thrown in a constant gravitational field causing an acceleration of 9.81 m/s/s (similar to Earth's surface), y(t) = H + Vt - (g/2)(t^2) Where H is its original height above your chosen origin, V is its initial upward velocity, g is the acceleration due to gravity (9.81 m/s/s ( Full Answer )

Can you get a return if you owe back taxes?

If you owe back taxes , the IRS will automatically deduct that amount from your refund. Depending on that amount, you can only receive what is left from that deduction.

When is the boat coming back on FireRed?

The ss anne will never come back though a man says it will in one year time doesn't pass in the game so a year will never happen.

How do you back a rowing boat for crew?

In order to back a rowing boat, the rowers twist the oar handle 180 degrees turning the blade (end of the oar) around backwards. Then the rowing stroke is done in reverse. The blade is placed in the water toward the stern, then the rower pushes (rather than pulls) the oar handle away from their ches ( Full Answer )

Where is scientology's boat based in flagstaff?

The staff who works at the Flag Land Base, located in ClearwaterFlorida, are Sea Org Members. The Sea Organization is a religious order for the Scientologyreligion and is composed of the singularly most dedicatedScientologists-individuals who have committed their lives to thevolunteer service of t ( Full Answer )

Can you return a game back to Walmart?

what you got to do is go to a different walmart and just tell the employee that the game is stalling. they will give you a new copy of the game or give you back the money. 100% legit.

What to do if a fire breaks out in back of your boat?

Point the bow into the wind so that the fire is downwind and doesn't spread as easily. Then put on a PFD (lifejacket) if you've not already done so and try to put out the fire using an extinguisher or if that is not possible try to find other means of assistance depending on how bad the fire i

When do American schools go back after summer break?

It depends on the town and State the school is in. Most American schools re-start for Fall classes in late August or the first week of September. In the Spring, most American schools end in the first week of June for summer break.

How do you return back to the new twitter?

If you currently have the old one, then you should have a bar across the top of your page that says to switch to the new Twitter. If you have the new one and want to return back to the old one, then you click on your username in the top right corner and underneath that you will find an option that s ( Full Answer )

How long can you stay on American idol till you can't go back?

The judges have only one save that they can lose a season and the next elimination will be for two singers instead of only one. So for they rest of this season you will only b able to stay if you are not voted off. . Singers would have won or even been part of past seasons of American Idol are onl ( Full Answer )

What year do they change the law that an illegal inmigrant does not have to go back if they married an American citicen?

That law has NEVER changed. Not having to leave the country applies ONLY to those who although currently "illegal", entered the US LEGALLY. If a person entered the US ILLEGALLY, the ONLY way to become legal through marriage to a US citizen is to return to the original country and apply for, and get, ( Full Answer )

Can a runner on first base go to second and return to first?

Only if it is within the same play that he advanced to 2nd, however, for this to happen several things would need to take place, and it would make no strategic sense to do it. 1. For the runner to do this, the batter would be required to be out already (or not a runner ---- ie. the guy on 1st is ste ( Full Answer )

How do The Goonies return back home?

They found One Eyed Jack's pirate ship, and traveled back to the beach on it. The police and their parents picked them up from the beach.

What does a boat going back to front mean?

The phrase doesn't mean anything. Going from the back to the front of a boat would be said as going from stern to stem, going from aft to bow or simply going forward, usually pronounced 'forrard'

How can you get your repossessed boat back?

To get back a repossesd boat one should get in contact with the institution that repossesed it and see if there is any way to get it back. It is possible that the institution will let you pick the payments back up, probably with a fee for being ate and being repossesed, then you can have your boat b ( Full Answer )

What if you return a wrecked car back to the carlot its up for repo can you go to jail?

No, debtors prison no longer exists(With this economy thank God) so unless you wrecked it purposely your good there. However if you had a loan on the car, you should of had full coverage insurance that would pay for at least most of it and most dealers require gap as well which would continue paying ( Full Answer )

Can you go back a touch a base you missed after an overthrow?

FULL DISCUSSION OF RULE FOLLOWS If a base runner fails to properly tag a base, the runner can be ruled out if a fielder later (ie, before the next pitch) touches that base while holding the ball. You may notice fielders attempting to have a runner called out by doing this -- after all, there is no p ( Full Answer )

Can you return a cash to get a check back?

You can if the business is willing to make the exchange. Go ahead and ask. The worst thing that will happen is the business will say no.

Should not return back on ninth day after going to other place?

It is not inauspicious. If you return on the 9th day then once again you have to take another journey. Now a days taki9ng another journey is not a big probleml. On those days journey means you have to go by walk.there was no bus or train on those a days you can return on the ninth day.

What does the Windows based disc utility Go Back cover?

The Windows based disc utility Go Back is a feature by Norton, it covers up to 8GB of changes to the disk by marking safe points whenever the file system is idle for a few seconds, this means that it can be restored to any point within the memory.