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How were the American colonists brainwashed about the American Revolution?

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They would hide and use other tasticks to fight the red coats. They knew who was who by waring thir clothes... Home made things.

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Were colonists in the American or French revolution?

The American colonists were involved in the American Revolution.

What colonists supported the American Revolution?

The colonists who supported the American Revolution were called "Patriots".

Who are the colonists who sided with Britain in the American Revolution?

Loyalists are the colonists who sided with Britain in the American Revolution.

During the American Revolution what were the colonists doing?

During the american revolution the colonists regulated trade and taxes since the American Revolution was precipitated.

How did the american and french revolution affect the colonists in the american?

The American Revolution gave American colonists a democratic republic independent of Britain and influenced the French Revolution.

What was the British strategy for winning the American Revolution?

the American colonists won the American Revolution

Who participated in American Revolution?

who participated in the American revolution? Mostly the British and American Colonists

What would the colonists have to do to win?

The colonists did win the American Revolution

How many colonists were Patriots in the American Revolution?

About two thirds of colonists were ptriots in at the time of the Revolution.

Who fought with the American colonists in the Revolution?

The American colonists fought the British in the American Revolution. After the Battle of Saratoga, the French actively joined the War against the UK.

Who fought the American Revolution?

The American Colonists and their French allies (after the Battle of Saratoga) versus the British. The American Colonists and their French Allies won. The cost of supporting the American Colonists would help to cause the French revolution.

What is 1 fact about the American revolution?

The American Colonists won.

Who sat on the throne of England during the American Revolution?

King George III was the British ruler during the American Revolution. He imposed taxes on the colonists. This made the colonists dissatisfied, which led to the American Revolution.

What were the colonists fighting for in the American Revolution?

for freedom

Why did the colonists fight the American Revolution?


How did the french helped the colonists?

They helped the colonists defeat the British in the American Revolution.

What were the advantages the colonists had during the American Revolution?

Knowledge of the American Landscape

Were the patriots colonists?

The Patriots were the American colonists who rebelled against the British in the American Revolution. The American colonists who stayed loyal to the British and were against the Patriots were called Loyalists.

Colonists fought to win what in the American revolution?


Who helped the colonists during the American revolution?


Who were the wealthiest colonists on the eve of the American Revolution?


What war did colonists quarter soldiers for?

American Revolution

What did the colonists use to win the American revolution?


The European country which assisted the American Colonists during the American Revolution was?

France Allied itself with the American Revolution after the Battle of Saratoga.

What did the traitors wear when they were in the American Revolution?

The colonists were considered to be the traitors. The traitors wore blue clothing when they were in the American Revolution.

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