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Intimidation and violence told people what they wanted to hear

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What is the KKK Act?

They were congressional legislation designed to destroy the KKK, which was successful.

Where do the KKK meet?

The national meeting point is in London Kentucky.

Was Lincoln successful in achieving his goals?

Yes, I was successful in achieving my goals

What are the goals of the KKK movement?

There were three KKKs over time and each had somewhat different goals.

How successful was Alexander the great at achieving his goals?

he was very successful at achieving his goals

Why was the KKK so successful?

It met the perceived needs of many people.

Was Sojourner Truth successful or not?

she was successful with her goals not her education

What stoped wegener from proving that the continents were once together?

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What were the early goals of the KKK?

the kkk meant to wipe out the black slaves who were freed. They never thought that the black slaves could incounter so much freedom.

How strong was the KKK?

it was very strong that it changed the U.S : they stopped meeting and tried to get them to not have righes to vote

What benefits can a musician receive?

meeting new people, inspiring others and meeting your goals.

What were the goals of the KKK during reconstruction?

The ultimate goal of the KKK was to brutalize the African-Americans because they felt that African-Americans ruined the American culture and caused problems for America.

Was gandhi successful at achieving his goals?

Gandhi was not completely successful at achieving his goals. He did help to gain the independence of India from the British which was his largest success.

What state did KKK start in?

The first Ku Klux Klan meeting was in Pulaski, Tennessee on December 24, 1865

How was Mary Wollstonecraft successful in pursuing her goals?

Mary Wollstonecraft was successful in pursuing her goals. She was a successful novelists and wife. She worked for equality for men and women. She became an icon for the women's suffrage movement.

What are some guidelines for leading a successful meeting?

1. Prepare yourself. 2. Establish clearly defined goals and objectives for the meeting; publish and distribute these to meeting attendees in advance of the meeting so they understand the purpose of the meeting. 3. Establish and adhere to a time-line/ schedule of the meeting. 4. If appropriate, clearly define a follow-on action plan and assign responsibilities for the plan. 5. Take notes; prepare and distribute these notes/meeting minutes to all attendees and those who were invited but could not attend.

Was the KKK successful?

No way they are just dead beat red necks that dont wanna see anybody get by.

How successful was JFK at achieving his goals?

JFK was one percent successful at achieving his goals. Every goal that JFK set for himself, including the presidency, he obtained.

How successful was Ulysses S. Grant ending the KKK?

Not very. The KKK lasted for at least 100 years after Grant. It gradually weakened as white Southerers were allowed to have political power again.

Basic goals of marketing?

its all about successful business

Why values is important?

To create goals, and be successful in life

What were The Beatles goals?

They were four individuals and their goals varied a little; for example Paul wanted to be in show business, George wanted to be a successful musician. But their main goal when they started was to be successful.

What were the 1920s KKK goals?

Their goals included terrorizing people into not becoming Republicans (what was then the liberal party), preventing interracial relationships, and preventing people of color from gaining any political power.

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