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Q: How were the families in Great Britain effected after world war 2?
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Facts about Aberdeen in world war 2?

World War 2 broke out in Europe during 1939 and effected a great deal of Britain. Aberdeen was one of the towns effected, including their primary school being hit by a bomb.

What were the main outcomes of World War 1?

The financial ruin of the united Kingdom of Great Britain and northern Ireland, and the destruction of the families great and small through the incredible number of fatalities.

What war is Great Britain World War I or World War 2?

Great Britain, or more correctly The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, was involved in both World War 1 and World War 2.

Why Great Britain was involved in World War 2?

Great Britain was the U.s. allies.

How did the industrial revolution affect the position of Great Britain in world politics?

The Industrial revolution started in Great Britain. It made Great Britain the most powerful country in the world at that time.

How were the people effected by the Great Depression?

During the great depression, everyone was effected. It caused debt, and because of this so people rioted and eventually the whole population of the world died.

Area of Great Britain?

The total area of Great Britain is 88,745 square miles. Great Britain is the ninth largest island in the world.

How great was Britain in the world in 1750s?

Not so great.

What countries where affected by world war 2?

Britain and Germany were effected because they were at war against each other.

What lands did Great Britain lose after World War I?

Great Britain was on the winning side in World War 1 and lost no land.

Was there a social revolution in Britain after World War 2?

Yes, the war brought about a social revolution in Britain. Shared experiences of those involved in the war and those families that were left behind caused great social change.

Who were the Generals for Great Britain during World War 2?

the general for great Britain was churchill. by Henri

What country was controlled by Great Britain at the beginning of World War I?

There were many countries that were controlled by Great Britain at the beginning of World War 1.

Why was Germans battle with Britain is one of the most famous battles of World War 2?

Because Great Britain fought it, Great Britain won it, and Great Britain wrote about it and produced films about it.

How the US economy was effected during the Great Depression?

the great depression refers to an economic downturn in the world economy. :p

Who entered World War 2 first the us or great Britain?


What lesson Britain learn after the Great Britain war?

world war 1

What side did Great Britain team up with in World War 1?

Great Britain teamed up with the Allies.

What effects did tanks have on World War 1?

invention or the tank in Great Britain invention or the tank in Great Britain

How is the population going to be effected when the world explodes?

If the world explodes there will be no population to be effected.

Which countries were not colonized by Great Britain?

Most countries in the world were not colonised by Great Britain, so there are too many to list.

Who did Great Britain make an alliance with in World War 2?

America, France and Canada all fought with Great Britain.

Where in the world is Great Britain?

Great Britain - is a group of islands situated off the west coast of Europe - close to France.

Is Great Britain rich or poor?

Great Britain is one of the G8 countries - a list of the eight richest countries in the world.

Which of these countries was not created following World War 1 Great Britain Poland Lithuania Czechoslovakia?

Great Britain A+