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OK this is a good one.

Firstly lets look at the infantries arms.

The WW1 Soldier had bolt action rifles, grenades, pistols and heavy machine guns.

The WW2 Soldier had Bolt action or semi-automatic rifles, Sub-machine guns, Grenades, Pistols, machine pistols, lighter machine guns, automatic rifles, and early assault rifles.

The WW1 soldier walked everywhere, while a few rode on horseback. The WW2 soldier walked considerably less, usually riding a truck to the combat zone, and often on some form of armored vehicle during actual combat.

Poison gas was never used in WW2.

Air force

The ww1 airplane was usually a biplanes made of wood, canvas and wires. Iron darts, pistols and a couple of light machine guns. Top speed was 200 mph at best, and a range of 100 miles, and a ceiling of a couple thousand feet. Bombers might be able to carry 500 lbs of bombs, to a range of 500 miles or so.

WW2 aircraft were single-wing monoplanes usually made of aluminum, fully enclosed cockpits, and armed with heavy machineguns and light cannons. They had a top speed of 400+ mph, a ceiling of 40,000 feet, and a range of 2,000 miles. Bombers carried up to 10 tons of bombs to a range of 3,000 miles.

New forms of bombs - incendiaries, and special high-explosives - were invented during WW2.


Much improved submarines were far more deadly in WW2, including new advances in propulsion and torpedoes. The aircraft carrier superceded the battleship as the most important surface vessel in WW2. The advent of radar greatly improved detection and gunfire direction in WW2, as did sonar for anti-submarine work.


WW1 :- tanks in their infancy, slow, broke down a lot, and generally not terribly useful

ww2 :- Much more advanced, faster, heavier, and far better killing machines.

Cavalry was still used in WW1, while it was completely obsolete in WW2 (though used in a few cases, it was an anacronism).

Other technologies:

Radar played a huge role in WW2. The proximity fuse was of enormous help to the Allies in the anti-aircraft role, particularly for ships.

Medical advances (particularly antibiotics and pain medication) radically reduced deaths from wounds in WW2, and also significantly reduced diseases.

The radio supplanted telegraph as the primary means of communication, and cryptographic ciphers became commonplace in WW2.

Finally, the ultimate technology of the Atomic Bomb made its appearance in WW2.

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What new military technologies emerge from world war 1?

air surveying, air bombing and war tanks emerged

Which of the following military technologies were developed during World War 1?

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These new military technologies resulted in a huge expansion of the military tactic known as trench warfare and made this the most deadly war up to that point in history?

World war 1

Why was variety performance most popular during world war 1?

because the world war was about different countries with different military capabilities

What was created after World War 1?

New technologies were made. There were new weapons such as Tanks, Cannons, Submarines, Chemical Gas, and Military Airplanes.

What new technologies were used in world war you?

The first use of gas in a war was used in world war one.

What were some of the technologies that were used in World War 2?

Firearm, nuclear, jet engine, radar, radio, etc. technologies saw service in World War 2

What impact has World War I had on the development of communication?

Many communication technologies were pioneered during World War I, the most notable of which was radio. Other technologies used then were telegraph and newspapers.

How many military deaths where there in World War 2?

How Many Military Deaths Where There In World War Two ? :)

What new technologies used in world war 1 carried over to world war 2?

machine guns

Would the Holocaust have ever happened if current technologies were available during World War 2?

What 'technologies' are you thinking of?

What technology did they use in World War 2?

Various technologies were used during World War 2 such as:GunsTanksSubmarinesRadio CommunicationPlanesShipsBombsMissiles (prototpyes)Their is many many more list of technologies used in WW2, just think about the military uses today and it like that but less high-tech.

Who were the Japanese military leaders in World War 2?

The japanese military leaders in world war 2 was Genaral Alix .

What was the size of the french military before world war 2?

what was the order of military by size before world war 2

Why is ethiopia still not colonized?

Ethiopia was able to avoid colonization up through World War II by aggressively and intelligently monitoring its borders and acquiring Western military technologies. After World War II, colonization was seen as an inherent evil and has generally been opposed.

US Military war deaths World War 2?

Estimated 416,800 military loses

What war had the most military casualties?

The war that had the most military casualties was World War II. There were 1,076, 245 military casualties during that time.

How many military personnel died in World War 1?

There was about 9.7 million military personnel killed in world war one.

Who was the head of the Japanese military in World War 2?

Emperor Showa was head of the Japanese military during the Second World War.

What were some New Technologies of war in world war 1?

the anwer is ak 47s rockets launchers

What modern technologies resulted from World War 2?

The space craft for one.

What happen after World War 2?

war and military school

Who was the Spanish military dictator during World War 2?

Francisco Franco was the Spanish military dictator during World War 2.

Number of soviet military deaths in world war 2?

I believe about 10,700,000 military deaths in the Soviet Union for World War 11.

Was Japan's military expansionists during World War 1?

World War 2