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Basically the task were performed in three ways. Either manually which obviously took forever. In Asia, the abacus ruled. In trained hands it was (and still is) quick and accurate. And then there was the slide rule. My first semester as a math/science major I had to take a full semester class in the use of the slip stick. You could tell the math and engineering majors on campus by the slide rule we all had hanging in holsters on our belts.

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Q: How were the tasks the computers performed done before computer invented?
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What did the word computer mean before computers were invented?

Before modern computers were invented word "computer" meant "somebody who computes".

What was invented before laptops?

Laptop computers, as we now know them, were invented because the existing computers were not portable enough for people of that time. Before lugable/portable/laptop computers came the desktop,er, computer that is. There is still some discussion on who invented Desktop computer with many names mentioned. You would need to go back in History to the Second World War to work out who invented Mainframe computers but some did and they came before desktop computers.

Were computers invented before cell phones or after?

No, computers were not invented before cell phones. The first cell phone was invented in the year of 1973 by a man named Martin Cooper in Manhattan. The first computer was invented in 1939 by German engineer Konrad Zuse.

How can you finish a report with out a computer?

The same way reports were written before computers were invented, perhaps?

When did john von neumann invented the computer?

never, computers existed before he became aware of them

What were computers like before Microsoft?

Microsoft basically invented the computer as we know it now, before they where just very big calculates

What is the typewriter used for?

They are used to make and print papers easier than the computer.For Typeing before computers were invented

Computer built before the first generation of computers were?

No computers.

Would there be computers without Bill Gates?

Yes. The computer was invented well before Bill Gates and the establishment of Microsoft. Even the personal computer... Apple was at that game long before Microsoft was.

How does computer related to physics?

Physics managed very well long before computers were invented. Computers help to solve some problems faster than otherwise possible.

History of computer Before 1st generation of computers?

Electro-Mechanical Computers were used before first generation of computers.

How did the computer affect the economy when it was just invented?

When the electronic digital computer was first invented it had no effect at all on the economy. It took roughly a decade before commercially available computers became available that large companies could afford. It was not until the 1960s that computers began to have significant effects on the economy.

What did people use before computers were invented?

It is generally accepted that the abacus was the first computer which dates back some 2700 BC before that I suppose they just counted.

Who discovered the first computer?

st.charlesComputers were not discovered they were invented. A thing can only be discovered if it was preexisting before man became aware of it.

Is it possible living a life without computer networks?

For today's kids ? No. For the people that lived before computers were even invented ? Yes.

Were the mouse and the keyboard invented before the monitor?

No. Computers had monitors long before the mouse was invented. However, keyboards and monitors showed up about the same time, but some computers (especially main frame computers) had monitors without keyboards.

Was a person a computer before 1940?

Before computers, people did calculations by hand.

Did Victorians have computers in school?

No. The Victorian era was well over before computers were invented.

Which invention was invented before computer age?

Lots of things were invented before computers were available, or in widespread use. Spears, arrows, guns, telescopes, sextants, scales, lightning rods, motion picture, lightbulbs, phonographs, steam locomotives, telegraph lines, radios, combustion engines, and telephones were all created before the first digital computers were available. Television, transistor radios, cassette tapes, disco balls, and penicillin were all created before the first personal computer.

Where was early computer information stored before memory chips were invented?

Before computer memory chips and memory sticks were invented, floppy discs were used.

How they predicted the weather before computers?

They used historical data. Written weather references go back hundreds of years - long before computers were invented.

Are typewriters related to modern day computers?

Yes, one of the companies well known in the Computer Industry was called International Business Machines when they built the business building Typewriters. That company is now known as IBM. Both Typewriters and computer use keyboards. Typewriters were invented before Computers but a Typewriter can do some things but a Computer can do a lot more

Intersting facts about computers?

Computers were invented in 1833 by Charles Babbage, 3 years before the discovery of common bananas.

when computers were invented did home phones exist?

Yes. Home phones came out before computers were made.

What is the slowest computer in the world?

It depends on what you are comparing the computer against to. For example, some computers built before 2000 startup quicker than computers built in 2010.