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Mercury is put in a tube the Mercury expands when it is hot and compacts when cold.

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Q: How were thermometers invented?
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Who invented thermometers?

santoria santoria

Who was santorio?

santorio santorio is the one who invented thermometers

Who made water thermometers?

Charles Winger invented them.

When were thermometers invented?

1686-1736 by Andres Celsius

Who invented the mercury and alcohol thermometers?

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the mercury thermometer. Ferdinand II invented a thermometer using alcohol but it was very inaccurate.

What are facts about thermometers?

The thermometer was invented by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. The thermometer tells us what the weather is like outside.

What where the first thermometers?

Mecury thermometers

How do thermometers with thermometers with liquid in glass measure temperature?

Such thermometers are based on the fact that the liquid expands when the temperature increases. That's what the thermometers measure.

How are mercury thermometers used today?

Mercury thermometers are rarely used, except in lab thermometers. For human use, they have been replaced by dyed alcohol glass thermometers, or electronic digital thermometers.

Different types of thermometers?

Celsius and Fahrenheit Thermometers Clinical Thermometers Ear (Tympanic) thermometers Pacifier Thermometers Underarm or Oral Thermometers Food Thermometers Outdoor Thermometers Mechanism of Different Types of Thermometers Mercury and Alcohol Thermometers Digital Thermometers Alcohol thermometer Beckmann differential thermometer Bi-metal mechanical thermometer Electrical resistance thermometer Galileo thermometer Infrared thermometer Liquid Crystal Thermometer Medical thermometer (e.g. oral thermometer, rectal thermometer, basal thermometer) Mercury-in-glass thermometer

Are digital and clinical thermometers same?

no,digital thermometers don't have mercury whereas clinical thermometers have mercury.

How many types of thermometers are there?

16 types of thermometers (:

What are strip thermometers?

the thermometers which are used to find your temperature

Is this how you spell thermometers?

Yes, that is valid spelling of 'thermometers.

5 types of thermometer?

1. About Digital Thermometers 2. Appliance Thermometers 3. Bimetallic-Coil Thermometers 4. Calibrating the Thermometers 5. Cooking Temperatures

What do thermometers detect?

thermometers detect the temperature of an object. We often use thermometers for checking the height of fever on a person.

What element is was used in thermometers?

Thermometers with silver liquid in them contain mercury.

How would your lives be different without the element Mercury?

There would be no thermometers. Thermometers use mercury to measure temperature. There would be no thermometers. Thermometers use mercury to measure temperature.

What liquid mental is used for thermometers?

Mercury is used in thermometers.

What thermometers measure temperature?

All thermometers measure temperature.

What is common in fishes and thermometers?

Mercury is common in both fish and thermometers. Although nowadays they make thermometers without mercury in them.

Why are digital thermometers used these days?

Digital thermometers have replaced mercury thermometers because mercury is toxic. [Personal commentary: digital thermometers are not accurate and mercury thermometers are so how many people are being harmed by not knowing their temperature versus how many would be harmed by the mercury if accurate thermometers were still used?]

How are Celsius thermometers and Fahrenheit thermometers alike?

same size and shape

Why are liquid crystal thermometers better than ordinary thermometers?

Liquid crustal thermometers have a better, clear and more acccurate result than most ordinary thermometers. I own one in my fish tank!

How do laser thermometers work?

Laser thermometers are actually just infrared thermometers. The laser is actually just there to make the thermometer easier to aim.