Medieval Witch Hunts

How were witches treated?

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Witches were to be believed evil in the old days. They would usually burn a witch to the stake or just hang them.
The accused "witches" were treated terrible. The people of Salem thought that if someone was a witch, the witch would do horrible things. The people also thought that they should get rid of the witches, so they would drown people who they thought was a witch and if you were you would be able to undrown yourself with your powers and it you weren't you were just led there to drown!

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How were the Salem witches treated?

On the whole, they were usually killed.

How were witches treated in 17th century?

in the 17th century Witches where treated very poorly , they where normally accused of being a old lady in the woods with either a black cat.they would be hanged , burnt alive or they would be 'dunked' this is where they would tie them up and place them into a lake or river , if they floated they where classed a witch , but if they didn't they wouldn't be a witch , but either way , they would a die . 'Duh' .what where named 'witches' where treated Very badly and didn't deserve to be treated that way.Hope that covers a bit about witches !!

How were Wiccans and people accused of being Witches treated during the Reformation?

As the Reformation was in the 16th century and Wicca didn't come into existence until the early twentieth century. There were no Wiccans to be treated in any manner. As for how witches (real and just those accused of being) were treated at the time… The history books are full of references to persecution, prosecution and death.

What is the apostrophe of witches?

It should be witches'. Example: Witches' brooms

How are called group of witches?

A coven of witches, usually 13 witches.

Female witches are called?

there are called witches same goes for male witches.

What is the word for a group of witches?


Who was the book the witches based on?


Why were so many witches executed for being witches?

Witches were thought to be the devils helper.

What is 'witches' when translated from English to Italian?

"Witches" in English is streghe in Italian.

How many witches were there?

There are 3 witches. Only one of the witches in Macbeth is named, that is Hecate.

Why not trust the witches?

Because "witches lie".

Who accompanies Macbeth when he meets the witches?

The witches

What happend to the witches at the end of the witches?

they died

How is King James connected to Macbeth by witches?

King James was interested in witches. Macbeth has witches in it.

What is a Witchophile?

A Witchophile is someone who is an expert on witches and sometimes hunts witches.

What did the narrator have to do to get into the grand high witches room in the witches book?

hide in the pocket of one of the ancient witches.

Why were so many convicted witches killed?

People were scared of what witches could or would do with their power. They considered all witches evil, which was not, in fact, the case. Indeed, there were evil witches, but there were also good witches.

Did Salem witches kill people?

There were no real witches in salem.

How many victims were killed by witches in the Salem?

The witches - or rather, people accused of being witches - were the victims.

How can you use coven of witches in a sentence?

A coven is a group of witches. The coven of witches cast a magical spell.

Who told people to believe in witches?

Probably witches.

When was the witches published?

"The Witches" was first published in 1983.

Do witches live forever?

No, witches are just people.

How many pages does What Witches Do have?

What Witches Do has 223 pages.

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