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they were whiped,cramed into 2 lower decks of a slave ship (which was usauly not high enouth for slaves to sit up in) side by side,food was poor they gave bread,and people startedto die aborad the ship

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Poorly, They were forced to be contained in small spaces and were forced to dance on deck for excercise also had salty water thrown over them to disinfect cuts etc.

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Q: How were women treated on the ship in the middle passage?
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How were the slaves contorlled on the middle passage?

They were in chains in the bottom of the ship. Many died during the passage.

What was the journey from Africa to America on a slave ship called?

the middle passage.

What was the name given to the movement of Africans by ship to be sold as slaves?

The Middle Passage

How long did it take a slave ship to make the trip along the middle passage?


When did the middle passage take place?

It took place for a couple hundred years. It was during the 17th and 18th centuries. The Middle Passage was the ship voyage from Africa to the United States.

What did the ship smell like durind the middle passage?

It smelled so bad it would burn your eyes

Why African men and women found life difficult on board ship during the middle passage?

They were packed aboard in very small spaces, chained in place, unable to move. They were hungry, thirsty, dirty, and many died during the trip.

Where were the people on the middle passage taken?

They were taken by ship to America and/or the West Indies where they would be sold as Slaves. Hope tht helped x

How was Giovanni da verrazano was treated when he was returning?

well giovanni he didnt come back because the ship was sunk when he was in the middle of sailing.

What were the conditions aboard a slave ship in the middle passage?

Horrible. About 1/3 of slaves died. Lots were tortured and barely had room to breathe. They were whipped and starved.

How many slave ships traveled during the Middle Passage?

There were only 15,000 voyages between the Americas and Africa and only 1 slave ship traveled

In the triangle trade what difficulties did the middle passage pose for sailors and slavers?

sailors - slaves would take over ship and kill all sailors! slavers - dying