World War 1

How were wounded soldiers treated after returning home from world war 1?


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Harry Houdini saved money and donated it to help the wounded soldiers after world war I

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Nurses treated soldiers in world war one...

happy to come home to see there family from the war .

some werent treated because they didnt make it but others were treated by bandages and other things but im not that smart so you know yayayayaya

The soldiers were very hurt and wounded most died at first. The soldiers were very hurt and wounded most died at first. The soldiers were very hurt and wounded most died at first.

In ww1, soldiers were treated as best as they could be. If they were too injured to continue contributing in the war, then they were sent home.

About 21,228,000 military personel wounded in total.

50,000 were killed and 230,000 were wounded

WWII vets returned to parades and cheers. Viet vets had to hide or fight (with their fists) upon their return.

About 116,500 were killed with another 204,000 wounded.

Hi, there was about 204,000 wounded in wold war one.

Around 290,000 french troops were wounded during the second world war

Most were in London. Many civilian hospitals were turned into military hospitals due to the large amount of wounded soldiers.

list of ww1 wounded solders at leckhampton court

Simple Really: 15 million were wounded 20 million died Hope this helps!! :)

There are far too many names of wounded fighting men in WW2 to list.

African American soldiers/veterans faced racism, lynchings, and the Klan after returning from duty in WWI.

WWII men fought the good war. Vietnam returnees were treated as losers.

2,721 New Zealand soldiers died and 4,752 were injured.

2,090,212 British soldiers were wounded in World War 1

Yes, they did to talk about wounded soldiers and important things/

she was a nurse in world war 2. she took care of wounded soldiers.

the Australian army nurses helped the wounded soldiers. They treated any injuries they had obtained while fighting, although there were no nurses on the frontline as it was said to be too dangerous for women.

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