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What were the Goals of the World War 2 allied leaders?

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What were the Goals of the world war 2 allied leaders

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Q: What were the Goals of the world war 2 allied leaders?
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Who were allied government leaders during World War 2?

who were allied government leaders

What were the leaders that ended the war in World War 2?

Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin were the Allied leaders.

What was the difference between the Axis leaders and the Allied leaders of World War 2?

Axis leaders were evil, power hungry, & wanted to take over the world. Allied leaders were good, believed in freedom, & wanted peace.

Who were the 3 allied leaders in the World War 2?

Roosevelt - Churchill - Stalin .

how did the allied leaders plan to shape the world after world war 2?

A world that everyone had equal rights

Who were the major Allied powers in World War 2 and their leaders?

All I know is the Allied Powers...I need their leaders. USA, USSR, CHINA, GREAT BRITAIN, AND FRANCE. I need their leaders.

What were the Allied countries in World War 2 and what were there leaders?

The Allied countries and their leaders were...USA- RooseveltEngland- ChurchillSoviet Union- StalinThe Axis countries and their leaders were...Germany- HitlerItaly- MussoliniJapan- Tojo

What happened to the allied countries and leaders in World War 2?

They all die of old age after world war 2.

How did Woodrow Wilson's goals at the peace talks differ from those of other allied leaders?

they were more inspiring and he cancelled war

What is the leaders during World War 2 of the allied forces?

Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin

Who were the biggest 3 Allied leaders during world war 2?

thhtutyukiillkkk of tgghgghgh

Why did allied leaders meet in 1943?

peace talks to end the world war 2.

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