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Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin were the Allied leaders.

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Q: What were the leaders that ended the war in World War 2?
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Which countries occupied Berlin after World War 2 and why?

The Ussr, Britain, The US, and France because they were the strongest world leaders after the war had ended

Who were the leaders of the countries involved with World War I?

what were the names of the leaders in world war 1

What year was World War 1 World War 2 and Koren war?

World War One: 1914 [ended 1918] World War Two: 1939 [Ended 1945] Korean war: Who cares?

What was the name of the French Palace where the Allied Leaders signed the treaty that ended world war 1?


Who were the comanders and leaders in world war 2?

who were the comanders and leaders in america in world war 2

What ended the World War 1?

your mom ended world war 1

In World War I what was the name of the treaty that ended World War I?

The treaty that ended World War 1 is called the Treaty of Versailles.

Who were the main leaders for World War I?

world war 1

What were the Goals of the world war 2 allied leaders?

What were the Goals of the world war 2 allied leaders?

What treaty ended world war 1 and punished Germany for its role in the war?

The Treaty of Versaille ended World War I.

When did the war end for russia during World War 1?

It ended when a Revolt to overthrow the czars(russian leaders). After a successful revolt and overthrow the new government made a pact with Germant to end the war with Russia(not the whole war).

What did world war happen?

World War 1 started in 1914 and ended in 1918, World War 2 started in 1939 and ended in 1945

Did World War 2 end in Europe before the war in the Pacific ended?

World war 2 ended in Europe first.

Did the US end World War 2 with Japan?

The Japanese leaders surrendered to The Allied Forces. They signed the surrender documents on the USS Missouri with leaders from the Allied Nations. So the war officially ended on September 11, 1945.

Why did the World War I end on 1918?

The world war 1 did actually end. On the world war 2 the war ended.

What leaders of Imperial Japan were hung as war criminals after World War 2?

Hideki Tojo and six others were the leaders of imperial Japan that were hanged as war criminals after the World War 2.

Which world war was ended in 1918?

World War 1

Pictures Famous generals and leaders during World War 2?

pictures of the generals and leaders of world war two

Who were the Japanese military leaders in World War 2?

The japanese military leaders in world war 2 was Genaral Alix .

How did they do World War 1 and World War 2?

In world war 1,germany started the war,but in world war 2,japan started it and usa ended the war

How did the 1st world war end?

The 1st war ended when my nan and grandad had it. The 1st war ended when my nan and grandad had it. The 1st war ended when my nan and grandad had it.

When World War I started and ended?

world war 1 ended om nov. 11, 1918

What ended World War one?

Technically, world war 1 ended in an armistice, but an armistice is a temporary cease-fire. So technically World War 1 hasn't ended.

Why was World War 2 named the Second World War?

because it was the world war that ended after the first world war. Also referring to world war as a war that has most countries fighting in it.

What treaty ended the great war?

The Treaty of Versailles ended World War One. I'm not to sure why this question was in the World war Two category.