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A repossession is a repossession, no matter if it is voluntary or not. Your credit will be ruined for 7 years.

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Q: How will a voluntary repossession affect your purchasing a car within a year from the voluntary repossession?
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Can a repossession agent call the police?

Thay can, and in many jurisdictions it is required before repossession is performed. In others it is only necessary to notify police within 24 hours of recovery.

Is it better to have a repossession or a bankruptcy on your record in regards to credit recovery?

Neither is good. However, a repossession does less damage and is removed from your credit report within less time than a bankruptcy.

What happens if a buyer takes a car back to the loan company?

Buyer's remorse. Seriously, if the car is returned within three days (as is permissible in some states), it is a simple annulment of the contract. If the three days grace period has passed, this would be a voluntary repossession, or lease laydown (depending on the specifics of the contract).

If your car is repossessed but you get current within say two weeks of repossession does the repossession appear on your credit report?

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Is there a time period in which they have to grant you access to your possessions when your car has been repossessed?

Usually has to be claimed within 30 days of repossession.

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If lender listed car as a repossession within last 24 hours is it too late to avoid having it on credit report if it has not been picked up yet?

First of all, a lender does not report a vehicle as a repossession until they actually have possession of the vehicle. Then immediately via computer the code is entered and authorities notified. The credit reporting company may be a little slow getting the repo on your report however, but any new lender is going to check your report before giving you a new loan. After a vehicle is repo'd you usually have a few days prior to sale of that vehicle, to get the vehicle back if you pay the account current plus any repo expenses if it was a voluntary repo. If it was not voluntary, and the lender had to take the vehicle, they probably will not redeem the vehicle back to you, but it never hurts to ask.

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What are the repossession laws in Arizona?

I can tell you the repossession laws in Arizona, if you need a town or county in general i recommend trying the sheriff's office b/c they are the ones that usually deal with civil maters.ARIZONA: sELF HELP REPOSSESSION PERMITTED AS LONG AS THERE IS NO BREACH OF THE PEACE.redemption : within ten days after retaking, if the customer has paid 50% of purchase price or $500 , a public sale is required. If less than 50% or $500 a private sale is permitted.No license needed for repossession.License plates remain with the vehicle.I cover more topics about repossession at my website good Luck!

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How likely is it for American Honda to file a judgment for a voluntary repossession if all your other bills loans and whatnot are in good standings?

Virtually 100%. When/how long? That's the question. Usually within 2-3 months, but not always. The state in which you reside has laws (statute of limitation) dictating how long the term can be, and whether or not you make efforts toward repayment. I live in NC an my debt is in the amount of 12000 and MRS Associates is trying to settle for 6900. Should i settle? Not sure what to do.

Do Pennsylvania repossession agents have to notify you that they have your vehicle?

Those who have had a vehicle must be notified, typically within 24 hours, but that may be done by the repossesion company, the actual agents, or the original lender. All are acceptable.