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How will the dentist treat a tooth with a small hole in the front of it?

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The whole is most likely from a cavity so they will put a filling in it. Most likely the dentist will get you numb. When you are numb they will drill out any decay and then shape the whole so it will hold a filling properly. If it is a front tooth, you will get a tooth colored filling. If it is a back tooth, you could get a silver filling or a tooth colored filling. That depends on your insurance, the docotor and you. If you have more questions, the dentist should answer any of them before beginning the work.

2015-07-16 19:21:59
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How do you treat a cracked tooth?

go to the dentist

How do you treat an abscess on side of molar tooth?

You take it to a dentist.

If you knock out a permanent tooth how do you treat this?

If the tooth has just been knocked out and you have the tooth, place it in milk or water and get to your dentist. If you can get to the dentist in time, quite often a tooth can actually be re-implanted. But you have to do it ASAP! If you have the tooth and can't get in touch with your regular dentist, then call any dentist you can get in contact with. There may even be an emergency dentist number in your phone book. But you have to call now!

Should you see a dentist or an orthodontist regarding a tooth abscess?

I do believe that you need to see a dentist and not an orthodontist regarding a tooth abscess. If anything, the dentist would treat it or if need be, refer you to a specialist.

How To cure a tooth abyss?

If you have a tooth abscess you are best advise to go and see a dentist. This is not a condition you should treat yourself (even pulling the tooth out can cause blood poisoning!).

Can you treat abscess tooth with smz tmp?

Yes you can, I had a really bad abcess tooth for 8 days, then started taking smz tmp and 95% of the swelling has stopped. Next step is the dentist. There is no quick fix for an abcess tooth, eventually you have to see a dentist.

How do you treat a toothache earache gum ache and headache all at the same time?

Sounds like either a tooth abcess or other tooth problems. Get to your dentist and have it checked out. Sometimes they can save the tooth, other times it has to be pulled for health concerns. Either way, see your dentist to find out what can be done.

Will naproxen stop a tooth ache?

Naproxen may help with tooth ache pain but does not treat any causal conditions. Any recurrent toothache ought to be discussed with your dentist.

Can you use Bactrim to treat an Abscessed tooth?

Normally it is quite difficult for any antibiotic to get to the abscess in an abscessed tooth. The infection is usually somewhere in the root and does not have a good blood supply. If your dentist gave you Bactrim, he probably did not give it to you to treat the abscess, but to treat the infection in the bone below the tooth. The usual way to treat the abscess, is to drill it out. It is not normally just treated with an antibiotic.

Does a tooth filling hurt?

=No way!==I had one and it felt like someone was tickling my tooth, it was so COOL!==If u are scared of dentist go to are so COOL they treat u REALLY nicely!==All the bad dentist stuff is COMPLETELY FAKE!=

How do you treat an abscessed tooth?

An abscessed tooth can be treated with a root canal and a crown, or with an apicoectomy (if the root canal has failed) or with an extraction. Only your dentist can tell you which option is best for your individual situation.

Can clarithromyc be used to treat tooth infection?

i just got prescribed clarithromyc for a tooth that i got filled that started hurting me. the dentist said it was the strongest antibiotic you can take oraly. hope this helps.

How will a dentist treat a baby tooth with a massive hole in it?

The answer to this depends on a lot of factors - especially the age of the child and how close that tooth is to falling out naturally. If this is your baby, please have your pediatrician talk to a dentist, or talk to him yourself. There are usually people in dental clinics who can help you sort it out. The answer could be anything from nothing, to pull it, to cap it - only your dentist knows for sure!

Can it treat a tooth infection?

yes you can treat a tooth infection with medication

How do you reduce facial swelling due to tooth infection?

go to your dentst for an antibiotic once you have taken that prescription for 10days your dentist will be able to treat the tooth by root canal if needed or other dental treatments

Who treat teeth?

A dentist. Optometrists treat with braces.

I have no money to go to the dentist. And my mom thinks I may be cutting a wisdom tooth. What are some ways to treat periodontal disease without going to the dentist?

Very simple: brush softly twice a day and floss

What is a cure for pain from a tooth abscess?

To treat the pain of a tooth abscess you can use a hot tea compress against it, your favorite pain killer such as asprin, or a topical oral pain cream. You should see a dentist immediately for treatment.

What type of antibiotic is used to treat an infected tooth?

For a infected tooth you could be given diffrent things such as :AmoxicillanClindamycinErythromycin (E-Mycin)MetronidazolePenicillinbut the best thing to always do is see a dentist it may turn out to be tooth decay. or if its very bad pain the best thing is to remove the tooth

How do you get rid of a small cavity?

The best option is to have it treated soon by a licensed dentist. There are no effective home remedies for tooth decay, and it will not go away on its own. If you delay treatment, eventually you may require a root canal or you may lose the tooth altogether. The longer you delay treatment, the more likely you are to experience pain with the tooth, and it will get more expensive to treat. Small cavities are routinely treated by numbing the tooth with a local anesthetic, removing the decayed part of the tooth, and filling it with either silver amalgam or tooth colored composite material. For a small cavity the whole procedure from start to finish will probably take much less than an hour.

How can you treat cavities?

Have your dentist fill them.

How do you know if you have a abcessed tooth?

It will be very painful, you shouldn't try to treat it yourself, go to the dentist. Here is a link with a more detailed explanation:

Is a dentist obligated to treat a patient that can not pay?


Can a doctor treat you for a gum infection?

Usually a dentist will treat your gum infection.

How do you treat tooth infection?

By seeing your Dentist right away. They're the only ones who can give you a course of treatment such as giving you antibiotics, pain pills & letting you know what needs to be done to take care of your tooth infection. In the meantime, you can gargle with a very warm glass of saltwater & you can also dilute hydrogen peroxide with water & gargle to help you out until you can get to your Dentist.