How wise people are better than strong people?

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Because they have a common sence
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Are white people better than black people?

No, not collectively and nor is it vice versa. Throughout life, there are those deemed better than another person, but usually as individuals and it has nothing to do with their race; whenever it is brought up, it's normally because the one making the claim is racist and discriminatory..

Why do some people think that they are better than others?

Unfortunately, it's an age old dilemma and has been the cause of persecution, oppression, slavery, disputes and wars throughout the centuries. Even a younger America, with it's declaration that all men were created equal, allowed slavery and segregation to exist (until it finally came to its senses, ( Full Answer )

Do fat people float better than skinny people?

It would depend if it is really fat or muscle. If it is fat, then it is actually oil, and oil is less dense than water and floats. (Just try pooring olive oil in a glass). However, muscle, bone, and other tissues are either denser than water or not less dense enough to have much boyancy. Since it's ( Full Answer )

Are animals better than people?

OK first of all we are equal, if animals are not hunted they become over populated and disease spreads faster among the animal population. So really we are helping them because if they were not hunted they would suffer. More car accidents, and animal abuse would be caused with an overpopulated popul ( Full Answer )

Are short people better than tall people?

Yes, Here is why: Physical advantages of shorter height Shorter people of the same proportions as taller people have many physical advantages based on the laws of physics, and these advantages are supported by many researchers. Shorter people have faster reaction times, greater ability to acce ( Full Answer )

Do people smell better than dolphins?

People normally smeel better than dolphins but if you wash a dolphin really well with a really good smelling scented shampoo, they might turn out smelling the same.

Do dolphins see better than people?

No, they just use echolocation to tell where things are. Echolocation is making shrill sounds that humans can't hear that bounce off things. The dolphins have special organs that allow them to hear these sound waves.

Why do you think you are better than other people?

Mostly everyone thinks they are better than everyone else. Oh, come on, just admit it, you know you think you are better than everyone else. It's natural to think that. People who show it are stuck-up.

Do people in jail live better than homeless people?

I think yes, people in jail do live better than homeless people. Why? . People in jail get fed and have a bed. . People that are homeless, dont have that kind of ability. They cant make friends, esually, they dont get fed, or get fed poorly, and they get to see people that cant help them in any so ( Full Answer )

Is texting better than calling people?

It depends on your viewpoint. Calling is efficient and allows people to communicate quicker and more efficiently. Texting allows you to communicate without using your voice or hearing the other person's voice. Some people prefer this. The messages can be easily retrived. Well for some ppl i ( Full Answer )

Why do some people think Sakura is better than Hinata?

The last 2 comments were obviously Hinata fans so I erased them, but to answer the question, people gonna like who they like, some like Hinata, some like Sakura, I'm personally like Sakura more, only because she is in the manga enough for me to have an opinion of her, I don't have an opinion on Hina ( Full Answer )

Do people in the US look better than people in the UK?

answer: Well most Ameriz are fat. Too much junk food. Then the English, are skinny-average. The scottish average. Welsh average. Irish average. Simple. People in the UK, Are for one healthy. I am greek-Spanish speaking and I am not fat. xxLalianxx

How are computers better than people?

Computers were made by people; I don't feel that they are better than us in any way. However, they are clearly better than people at many tasks.

Are some people better than others?

yes, and no.. It depends, we are all created equal by basic human Characteristic Our morals and education makes the difference between us. Education is priceless but without common sense is worthless. Some are better suited to do a job than others, but that does not make them a better person. A ( Full Answer )

Are black people better than white people?

No, not collectively and nor is it vice versa. Throughout life, there are those deemed better than another person, but usually as individuals and it has nothing to do with their race; whenever this is brought up, it's normally because the one making the claim is racist and discriminatory.

Why do people think there better than others?

because, it helps flutter their own self estem honestly no one should think they are better than others, we should all be equal in most ways.. because, it helps flutter their own self estem honestly no one should think they are better than others, we should all be equal in most ways.

Do dogs hear better than people?

Yes, they can hear up to 20 000 hertz. We humans can only hear for about 2 000 hertz, I guess... I don't really know how well humans can hear.

Why do religious people think people are better than animals?

The reason for most people who are very religious thinking that animals don't have souls, or that humans are better than them is because of the fact that animals don't seem to be capable of intelligent thought, or higher thinking capabilities.

Why are white people better than black people?

becpuse black people weree raised it the ghetto's and it is all tht they know and they like to rapeeachother for money so really no one know but whoite people cant be better cuz he w\have jobs that make money but enslave black people and Mexicans

Can blind people hear better than normal people?

yes they have a good sense of hearing because they lose their vision is lost but there hearing is not for example, when Ur in a war maybe somebody trows a bomb in front of you and you lose connection of your eye vision well your eye vision will never come up again but when it does that to your ear y ( Full Answer )

How can you do better than the people that cheat?

Gather proof and then report the cheaters to the "authorities." People will tell you that this isn't honorable, in one way or another, but that's just a behavior trait that's evolved over the centuries to keep criminals and cheaters from getting caught.

Why do people like basketball better than softball?

Because softball is for fat overweight people who could never play real sports and had to settle for a slow pitch womenly league. Basketball is for chiseled superstar athletes. What a dumb question.

Are black better than white people?

No. Neither are white people better than black people and yet white supremacists and black supremacists will continue on...

What are wise people favorite spices?

No special spice has been identified. However the banana has the scientific name of Musa sapientum which translates as "Fruit of the wise men." Apparently Indian philosophers would sit around snacking on bananas as they discussed weighty issues.

Is it ok that people get mad at you because you are way better than them?

I think as long as you're legitimately "better" than them. Don't be conceded and don't truly believe you're inherently better than anyone else. But it could be that you do know more about a certain topic or are just especially talented at something. And yes, people are going to be jealous and get an ( Full Answer )

Why do people think MW2 is better than black ops?

Simple. It is better. Despite both games having their own individual flaws, MW2 is still a more successfully executed FPS. The precision of guns, equipment and even the sound effects they generate are more realistic and streamlined in MW2. Black ops graphics are on a way lower level, the sou ( Full Answer )

How many people have the surname Wise?

According to the most recent US census compiling a statistical frequency report of last names (which, unfortunately, was back in May of 1995), the surname "Wise" was listed as the following:. Name: WISE Percent of population with the last name "Wise": 0.027 Percent of population sample covere ( Full Answer )

How many people think that Jacob is better than edward?

ZERO people think that Jacob is better than edward.DUH!i am a team edward person like everyone!who would wanna date a hairy dude that's angry all the time and cant controll himself no one would want that

Do short people balance better than tall people?

Tall people balance better because they have more mass!! Smaller people have better balance because they have a lower centre of gravity as they are closer to the ground, mass doesn't come into it.

Why tall people are better than small people?

I'm sorry everyone who is tall but tall people are no better small people! I am tall myself but it is proven 10% of small people have been uninjured so that means small people have a better balance because of their weight

Can cattle hear better than people?

Absolutely! Quite often cattle can pick up not only small sounds, but also sudden movement that a human wouldn't hear or even notice. This is because cattle are prey animals and are instinctively attuned to any unfamiliar sound or movement that may spell danger or trouble to them.

How do people in Bangladesh celebrate Christmas better than US?

To answer this question, you have to compare the Bangladeshi and US culture. Bangladeshi people are deeply and emotionally connected with each other. That means, more friends and relatives -> more fun celebrating -> more gifts and loves

Why do people think that PC is better than Mac?

PC's have more software options, cost less, and they can be easily repaired without the need of sending a PC to the company to be fixed. Windows has more customization options as well, mainly because the registry is open to be modified. Windows is also the more dominant of PC operating systems which ( Full Answer )

Why do young people look better than old?

As stated, your question implies facts that are not necessarily valid. While there certainly are some younger people who look better than some older people, there are also some really hideous looking younger people. Much of appearance is nothing more than what you have done to yourself in a delu ( Full Answer )

Is it better to be wise than to be beautiful?

yes, it is better to be wise than beautiful because if your beautiful but not wise or stupid everyone can take advantage of you beauty and if you wise or smart you can go to law school or any school

Is carpet better than hardwood for asthmatic people?

As a person with severe asthma, I can tell you that hardwood and also tiled floors are much better. This is because the carpet doesn't get fully clean when you vacuum it and can hold in lots of pollen and dust. When I tiled my house my asthma got a lot better.

What do people do jobs wise in wales?

Nowadays, the bulk of Welsh employment is in retail, the service sector, manufacturing and agriculture, although some heavy industry still exists. There remains a big steelworks at Port Talbot in Glamorgan, and several huge oil refineries at Milford Haven in South Pembrokeshire, as well as some larg ( Full Answer )

Can old people hear better than young people?

No. Older people, mostly those who would be classed as elderly,gradually experience a decline in their hearing levels. Over theyears, the ears begin to get damaged from loud noises, physicalknocks to the head and so on. A child with less of these would havebetter hearing. It has also been proven th ( Full Answer )

What is the word for people who think they are better than others?

"Arrogant" or "delusional" (if the person is NOT actually better than others). Keep in mind, some people ARE better than others (i.e. more talented/skillful/knowledgeable/etc). In those cases, they aren't 'arrogant' or "delusional" they are just 'better' than others.