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First of all, he probably would not leave you alone with other guys. He would be by your side the whole time.

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Q: How would a crush act around you if he is jealous?
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Why would the confident guy you like act jealous whenever you talk to any of your guy friends but he doesn't act jealous around his girl friends?

Well the number 1 thing is he might have a crush on you and you just don't realize it. and if your crush has a crush on you heck yeah he will get jealous. and there his friends hes ether telling them about you or he trust them maybe you should make friends with his friends and find out why his is so jealous.

How do shy thirteen year old girls act when away from their crush?

They act normal..?!?? They act just like their true colors. They do stuff silly that they would be embarrassed to do around their crush

How do you act around your crush?

You Have to keep clam

How do you know if your friends are jealous of you even if they are pretending not to be?

You can tell when your best friends are jealous of you by how they talk to you and how they act around you.

How would you know if your classmate has a crush on you?

If they tease you, pick on you or act weird around you they probably like you. ~Horseloverkits2~

How do you know if your crush dreams about you?

the way she act around you will be different from how she act with other

How do you act around a girl who knows that you have a crush on her if she PROBABLY dislikes you?

act like your not bothered by it.

How do boys act around girls they like?

well a boy had a crush on me and how I knew was because he started acting weird he would always stand next to me and he didn't act like himself and he would always be looking at me and it felt creepy but it was so cute he had a crush on me.

How do you act normal around your crush?

Just keep calm if you be to much silly your crush will hate you then act normal. I do not know more i am happy to help you.

What to do when your crush knows you like him and how to act around him?

when he or she knows just be yourself

How do you avoid your crush if he tries to make you jealous and acts weird?

just act like you are having a great time with your other firends, and don't give him any attanion. If he acts wierd around you though, he probaby likes you.

Should you act girly around your crush?

You should act like yourself. So if your girly, then yeah.

How will your Crush act around you if he likes you?

Hi I had the Same problem when I was in primary school anyway to find out if your crush likes you when he is around u he will ignore u, say hi and walk away, stay and chat and act really nervous around u

Why would an ex act mean?

simply because he they still like you and are jealous of who your with now simply because they like you still and are jealous of who your with now

How can you tell if someone is jealous of another person?

They start to act really weird around you and if u watch their face you can tell that they're jealous. When I'm jealous my brow wrinkles and I push my lips together.

What is the verb of jealousy?

Jealousy does not have a verb form. You would have to use "be jealous" to describe that act.

Do guys act like jerks around girls they have a crush on?

Younger ones do sometimes

How do you make your ex jealous jealous?

okay well the best way to make your ex jealous is by flirting with other guys...BOYS HE IS NOT FOND OF............ always look your best and act really happy around other guys

How does Shadow act around Amy?

nice around amy because he doesnt want to hurt her because he has a crush on amy

How you will know if the person have a crush on you?

Either they act weird around you or they talk to you a lot or stare at you a lot.

How do you know if you have a crush on your friend?

If Your Shy, Cant Talk, If You Act "Cool" Around Him Or Her. You'd Know.

How do guys act around his friends crush without him there?

They tease him or her but in a playful way they dont mean to her you.

Should you be weird around your crush?

No, not at all. He/she'll like you more if you just act normal.

What do you do if a crush brags of past hook ups in front of you?

he's/she's most likely just crushing on you, and trying to act like he's/she's not interested. for some reason, people think that making their crush jealous actually works at bringing them together.

Why do best friends get jealous?

By all different types of reasons. There are jealous by the way you act,have,or get.