How would a devout Buddhist practice the Buddhist religion?

The noble eightfold path is divided in three categories, Sila(Morality), Samadhi(concentration) and Pañña (Wisdom). These three are interconnected, one does not exist without other. Regarding concentration, there are many methods you can use for improving yourself, not necessarily sitting meditation. Depending of which school you belong to or have a special connection it can be practiced in many ways, in a contemplative way (such as vipassana, or then breathing medidation or samatha), through devotion (you have the amitabha meditation in mahayana, the buddhanussati in theravada, visualizations and mantras in vajrayana), and analytical meditation by concentrating on certainty of death, the unwholesome characteristics of the body, metta (loving kindness meditation) and so many other virtues. For morality use the five precepts, and if you want to improve your spirituality and concentration you may use the 8 precepts in special days such as full moon days. In all schools devotion to the triple gem is put in high regard, and deemed as an obligation for all for development of true humility, faith and sense of commitment and it is also considered an exercise of morality and concentration, devotion is strongly praised in the whole pali and specially in mahayan canons. In Theravada tradition, for lay the practices are Dana(generosity), Sila(precepts), Bhavana(meditation).


Buddhism like any religion is a way of life,however the religious practices have changed with the evolution of the concepts of oral sermons of Buddha to other sects Hinyana-Mahayana-Triveda traditions as expediency of the time and mismatch with the present time.

We have to accept and live with desires, the pain & loss as facts and Truths of life.We cannot & must not reject it.Life is was it is and what we are.We can change ourselves to change the world and not vice versa.It would a foolish result.

The Universal concepts of religion are universal in all religion.Mere donning a cassock or chanting scriptures does not make a devout religious person.The essence of religion is the essence of God in man.One does not have to be a Buddhist,Christian or Muslim to be devout nor take religion as a prop to enlightenment to seek the Truth.