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How would hydrostatic pressure affect a swimming pool?

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once you had to empty your swimming pool it might turn into a fu***ing boat ing boat out of it

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The question is a bit vague, but two things come into play for pressure in a liquid: external pressure and hydrostatic pressure. For a liquid where the top surface is in contact with a gas, like a glass of water sitting out on the table, the external pressure would be the pressure of the gas. For the glass of water in this example, the pressure of the gas is just the ambient atmospheric pressure. In a pressure cooker with hot gas and hot liquid confined in a fixed volume, the pressure of the gas will probably reach the pressure the relief valve is set to. Hydrostatic pressure comes from the weight of the liquid above the liquid at any point in the liquid. As an example, if you go 10 meters down under the surface of the water in a swimming pool, you will feel the pressure created by the weight of the water above you. As a formula, P.H. (hydrostatic pressure) = (gravitational acceleration)x(density of liquid)x(depth of liquid). To get total pressure at any point in a liquid, you add the external pressure and the hydrostatic pressure. In situations like a hydraulic line, you would add the pressure exerted by the piston (external pressure) to the hydrostatic pressure from changes in the height of the hydraulic line. By the way, if the line goes UP, the effective depth is NEGATIVE and the hydrostatic pressure term is also negative, so you would have less pressure at the top of the hydraulic line than you did down at the level of the piston.

Pressure in the glumerulus would decrease. As a result, hydrostatic pressure would also decrease, resulting in a decreased filtration rate.

The most likely cause is hydrostatic pressure from underground water. This can be a very dangerous problem for the pool and I would contact the installer immediately for an onsite consultation. If it is hydrostatic pressure and is not relieved, the pool can be permanently damaged.

In Drilling terminology, hydrostatic pressure is "The pressure exerted on a column of fluid at rest". This said, an oil well is just a column of fluid. Hydrostatic pressure is used to control the formation pressure in a well in order to prevent a "kick" (an influx of fluid into the well bore) or a blow-out (an uncontrolled influx of fluid into the well bore). Hydrostatic Pressure is calculated by a simple calculation = depth in meters x weight of drilling fluid in kg/m3 x gravity constant of 0.00981. IE. drilling at a depth of 3459m with drilling fluid that weighs 1120 kg/m3 would give you a Hydrostatic pressure of 38005 kpa. This is the amount of pressure that is being exerted on the formation at 3459m

This patient would have a much lower glomerular hydrostatic pressure, and would therefore lose less fluids than normal.

Discuss the possible variations that would affect pressure if hot fluid is used in a pressure calibrator?"

The rate of GFR will increase if the blood pressure increases, and will decrease if the plasma oncotic pressure increases. GFR=certain coefficient*arteriolar hydrotstatic pressure - (arteriolar oncotic pressure + glomerular hydrostatic pressure). Now, to put it very simply the arteriolar hydrostatic pressure is what the mean blood pressure in the afferent arteriole, so if it increases the GFR is bound to increase.

if a person is strong nothing would have an affect. it depends on the pressure and strength used.

Room pressure is not likely to affect one's dreams directly. But if the dreamer has a sinus infection or other air-pressure sensitive condition, that physical factor would affect dreams.

The answer is "The equilibrium would shift to reduce the pressure change" on Apex

If you don't have a hydrostatic valve on the bottom I would suggest at least a third. otherwise it may start floating in ground water if it is present.

lower pressure would result in slower filtration rate

Because if blood pressure in lung capillaries was as high as it is in body capillaries, the hydrostatic pressure caused by this blood pressure would force blood plasma out of the capillaries into intracellular spaces (as is done in body capillaries) or into the alveoli. This would reduce the efficiency of gas exchange.

Well, it all depends on the air density and how it would affect it. The denser the air, the more it'd affect the wind. same as air pressure. :)

if gases are involved in the reaction.

They could be but i would check first before puting one in a swimming pool...the pool water could possibly affect their skin and coat.

Yes, You can. However, I would recommend wearing a tampon while swimming. In some cases periods will stop while swimming due to the difference in pressure. But, if you were to sneeze, cough, or laugh, you would change the pressure, probably making you leak a bit. That would be a bit embarrassing. Nothing should hold you back from enjoying a nice swim. Just remember a little extra protection.

Relaxing the smooth muscles in the arteries would make blood pressure decrease.

Reducing the air pressure on the solution

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