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exspanion tank or relive valve

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Q: Why would the pressure not rise in a plumbing system when you try to perform a hydrostatic test and what to do about it?
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Where does the pressure in the plumbing system come from?

Hydrostatic and pumping

Why pressure vessel required for booster pump?

To maintain constant pressure in the plumbing system

What is static pressure in Fluent. Is it the same as hydrostatic pressure. But why does it increase through the channel sometimes?

Is a closed circuit hydraulic system.

What is the difference between hydraulic pressure and hydrostatic pressure?

Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure of a "standing liquid" and hydraulic pressure is the pressure in a fluid system that is being acted on by a compressor or pump. Let's look more closely. Let's say we're on a boat on the ocean and we slide over the side and into the water. We can feel the water pressure on us. As we move deeper into the water, that is, we dive deeper, the hydrostatic pressure increases. If we took ping pong balls with us as we dove deeper, they'd eventually be crushed by hydrostatic pressure. The pressure can be looked at as the weight of the water column (due to its height) on whatever is submerged. In a hydraulic system, a pump pressurizes the system to some level set by the controller and the safety (pressure release) systems. Some systems operate at pressures that are out of sight because they are so high. The hydraulic pressure is "artificial" in that a pump created it, and hydrostatic pressure is "natural" and is created by the weight of the column of the liquid creating it.

What would cause a plumbing line to not hold pressure?

A leak somewhere in the system.

How the purge-dip system works by refering to the concept of hydrostatic pressure?

you can go on this site

How do you perform a hydrostatic plumbing leak test?

To perform a hydrostatic test on plumbing/pipe you must pressurize the the pipe to the pressure that your local authority having jurisdiction has established. The system will be pressurized with water to various psi's depending on what king of pipe was used. I work in the fire sprinkler industry, and when we hydrostatic test a fire sprinkler system we "charge" it to 180 psi and then it must maintain that pressure for a period of 2 hours losing no less than 3 psi. The pump we use is comprised of an electric motor that is connected to compressor type valve body like the ones you see on a pressure washer. We connect a water hose to the intake side of the valve body and then pump water into the system through an orifice that is downstream from the main check valve. We leave an axillary drain open that is located at the farthest point from the water main that is supplying the system. We allow water run through the system until any and all air has been purged from the lines. Then we close the drain and as I stated earlier we pump it up to 180 psi. Obviously you will not pressurize pvc,cpv, or most other types of pipe that way. If I were you I would see if I could find a code book that was written for the jurisdiction you are in and go from there.

If you want to test the inlet pipes for leakage what pressure is recommended and for how long?

Hydrostatic test 48 hours depending on local code / height of the system / System working pressure rating / materials used in the system

What is the name of the force used in water?

The question is formulated vaguely when dealing with physical systems containing water is it possible to use the description of hydrostatic. It assumes, that the system does not move, hence static. I.e. Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure that water exerts on an object.

Why is there air in the plumbing system?

to increase pressure so the water flows and doesent go stale

How to replace pressure release valve in residential plumbing system?

That would depend on which part of the system the RELIEF valve is located

What pressues should you except in plumbing pipe test?

Depand apone the system required pressure for water supply. it should be 1.5 times of max system pressure and for drainage only gravity pressure is enough to test the system.

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