How would it affect a 14-year-old healthwise to have her baby and how will it affect the baby?

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2006-08-16 07:16:28

You should haven't let her get knocked up to begin with. I mean

what kind of parent are you? =Answer= There is no indication this

is the mother of the 14 year old posting and even if it were why

blame mom? Mothers can't watch their children 24/7. If 12 - 14 year

olds want to experience sex and get into trouble by doing so there

are many opportunities such as on the way home from school, at

someone else's house, etc. Most 14 year olds are not fully

developed so the baby usually is delivered by caserean. Although

there are always risks to every major operation the risk factors

are quite low in caserean births. Both the young mother and her

baby should fair well. Mothers of such teens should be kind and

gentle with this situation instead of blaming, getting angry and

going into threats of the baby being put up for adoption. It's wise

for the mother of the 14 year old to look at her as a very young

woman having a baby and give her all the support she needs as she

made a mistake (we all make mistakes), she's frightened and doesn't

know much about having a baby or looking after one. Take it slow

and easy and don't push her to sign any adoption papers. There is

plenty of time for that or, the mother could help raise the child.

Like it or not the mother is now a grandmother. Forget what

relatives or neighbors say and give your child love and


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