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How would maggots get into a solid chicken egg that was left out in the sun?

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They can't. As long as the shell is intact, fly eggs (maggots) cannot get into the interior of the egg. If there is a break or small hole in the shell, then it would be possible. In some cuisine, duck eggs are buried and allowed to ferment for a time and then served to people. They are safe to eat as long as the shell is unbroken.

2008-12-07 23:04:23
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Q: How would maggots get into a solid chicken egg that was left out in the sun?
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How would live maggots be found after cooking chicken?

If they were found on the chicken immediately after cooking and while it was still warm, the maggots probably came from somewhere else and not the cooked chicken. Fly eggs can hatch within 24 hours of laying. If the chicken was left out to cool, a fly could have laid eggs on it then.

Where on a dead body would you expect to find maggots?

Their mouth because of suliva left in it.

Can you write a sentence with the word maggots?

I left out my trash and a week later it was filled with maggots.

What std cause maggots?

This story is false. In actuality, the maggots were caused by gauze left inside her vagina after delivering a baby.

Would uncooked frozen chicken that was left out for approximately 13 hours be safe to eat after cooking?

No, the risk of food poisoning would be too great if chicken has been left out that long.

If a chicken laid an egg on a house which way would it roll off?

In my experience if the chicken laid an egg on a house which way would it roll it would have to depend if the chicken is facing you or its backwards. So if the chicken was facing you the egg would roll left. If the chicken was the other way it would probably go right.

What would happen if you consumed some liquid from a chicken that was left in the sun for a month?

If one consumed liquid from a chicken left in the Sun for a Month, assuming it was dead for that period, would likely get Salmonella Poisoning.

How long can kfc chicken be out of a refrigerator without spoiling?

KFC chicken can be left out of a refrigerator for a few hours without spoiling, if the food is covered and left in a cool place. It would not be ideal to keep the chicken out of the fridge overnight.

A solid that settles out of solution is called?

It would be called a precipitation reaction. The left over solid is called a PRECIPITATE

Can you boil the meat off a cooked rotisserie chicken?

Certainly. Same as you would with left over turkey or chicken to make soup.

Is frozen chicken left out all night still good to eat?

If where it was left out is as cold as a refrigerator, it would be OK. Otherwise, you will have to figure that out for yourself. The chicken has been mishandled and should not have been left out at room temperature. We don't know what temperature various parts of the chicken reached - or for how long.

You made chicken soup and left it overnight is it still good?

Unless where you left it out is as cold as a refrigerator, I would not recommend eating it.

What did francesco redi do?

Redi did an experiment seeing what maggots come from by putting meat into jars and left 1 open 1 covered with netting and one sealed the only one that didn't get maggots was the one that was sealed proving that maggots come from flies.

What is a nice dish that can you make for dinner with left over cooked chicken?

A nice dinner dish you can make with left over chicken is Chicken Soup. You would need to cut up the chicken into bite size pieces and add carrots, celery and noodles to make it a hearty dinner.

Is chicken Alfredo still good if left out over night?

Since the Alfredo contained chicken, it would not still be good if left out overnight. When in doubt, throw it out. It is not worth getting sick over.

How do you kill a chicken in RuneScape?

left click the chicken

How was spontaneous generation disproved?

A very interesting experiment was devised, in which there were two jars, both with meat, but one with gauze over the opening. These were left exposed to the air, and the one without gauze in due course had maggots in the meat, and the one with gauze didn't. This confirmed that maggots, rather than being spontaneously generated by rotting meat, were actually put into meat by flies, and the flies can only land on the meat if it is not protected by gauze. Gauze is better for this experiment than a solid covering would be, since we would otherwise not know if the lack of fresh air killed off the spontaneously generated maggots before you could see them.

What is the idea of spontaneous generation about?

Spontaneous Generation was the idea that life spontaneously arose from rotten food. For example, if I left a hamburger outside for a couple days and maggots began to cover it, during the time period that spontaneous generation was accepted, I would have believed that the maggots came from nothing.

What happens to a dead bird if it is left on the soil for few days?

Flies will lay eggs on the corpse, which hatch into maggots. The maggots will eat the flesh of the bird, leaving just the skeleton and feathers behind. It's also likely that a predatory animal - such as a cat or fox - would eat it.

Is the left wing of a chicken more tender than the right wing?

No. There would be no reason for this to occur.

Should i refrigerate chicken that has been parboiled?

Yes. I would refrigerate parboiled chicken for food safety reasons. If its only par cooked then the chicken would still be raw inside and could become contaminated if left out at room temperature

Can I reheat cooked chicken left out of the refrigerator?

Yes, but I would not recommend eating it if it has been left unrefrigerated for more than 2 hours.

Is it ok to eat a chicken casserole if it was left out of the refrigerator all night?

Only if where it was left was as cold as a refrigerator. Warmer than that and it would not be safe to eat.

What happens if you Freeze then thaw then freeze chicken?

The Chicken may have picked up bacteria from when it was left out, if left out long enough.

Can I get a list of 10 - 20 chicken recipes?

Go to, hover your mouse over recipes and then select chicken under ingredients. Then you select the type of chicken you want to cook on the left (chicken breasts, chicken legs, whole chicken etc.). Then I would click on top 20 and there you have it. 20 Delicious chicken recipes.