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There is no spit valve on the Clarinet. But the clarinet should be swabbed out with a cotton cloth after being played to get rid of any moisture in the actual instrument.

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Q: How would one go about cleaning the spit valve of a clarinet?
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Why doesn't a french horn have a spit valve?

To get the spit and condensation out of the French Horn slide each valve out of their position in the horn and shake the contents out. Then turn the french horn around until all the water has come out. Then put each valve back in the correct place. For the key valves hold down each key while taking each valve out. That is how you get the "spit" out of a French Horn.

What does a trumpet have that opens and closes?

on the main tunning slide and third valve slide there should be a spit valve, its used to empty your spit from the instrument. some trumpets have more then the two common spit valves.

Can water damage a clarinet's ability to play high notes?

water can damage the clarinet period. it just depends on where you get it wet and if its dried quickly, ubt usually a little moisture never hurt a clarinet (thats all spit is).

Where is the spit valve on a flute?

There is no spit valve on the Alto Saxophone. There is a spit valve on most Bari Saxophones and Contrabass Saxophones. To remove spit the easiest way is to breath in with your mouth on the mouthpiece as hard as you can. This seems a little unsanitary, but it is the most efficient way, because certain times you will not have more than half a second of a break, and if you have a spittish-tone, you will want to try to get the spit out from inside your mouthpiece.

What is the other word for a water key on a trumpet?

A spit valve.

Does the spit come out of the bell of the trumpet or the the mouth piece?

It actually comes out the spit valve located on the pipe under the bell

Can you use spit on your trumpets valves?

You can, but it doesn't work as well or as long as valve oil.

How come when you try to play your clarinet your lips make a farting noise?

Why does it sound like spit is in my trumpet, but when I go to empty both of the spit valves, nothing comes out, but then when I shake my trumpet, spit comes out the bottom caps of the regular 3 playing valves? Please help I have never had this issue before.

Can you use valve oil on a silver trumpet?

YES you can my instructor and i have a silver trumpet and we use valve oil if you don't have oil use saliva {spit}

Why shouldn't you spit or share spit?

Because it is sick, why would you ask this?

Why do you spit when you drink alcohol?

There is no reason why you would spit when you drink alcohol. If it bothers you, then stop drinking alcohol.

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