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I have the same computer. it is really annoying and difficult cos basically, you first have to put in the windows xp CD it comes with and turn in on. It will tell you to press any key to boot from disk and you boot it. Format it onto the partition (not the unpartitioned space) in NTFS (not quick format). Then, once its done, the annoying bit is that you still have to install all the drivers, so there will be a CD called resouce CD, and install the drivers that look important

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 20:34:57
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Q: How would one reformat the hard drive on a Dell Dimension 4550?
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How old is the Dell Dimension 4550?

The Dell Dimension 4550 first appeared to public in early 2003.

What version of Linux comes with a Dell Dimension 4550?

The Dell Dimension 4550 did not come with any version of Linux.

What is the maximum memory of a Dell Dimension 4550 computer?

The Dell Dimension 4550 computer has 1 GB default RAM and a slot to insert more. The maximum RAM for the computer is 2 GB. In terms of harddrive space, the maximum memory is the largest external hard drive that can be afforded.

Is a dell dimension 4550 motherboard compatible with SATA HDD?

No (EIDE only)

How much memory can be installed in dell dimension 4550?

I was able to install 1.5 gigs of ram. I tried to upgrade to 2 gigs, but the computer would not recognize it.

What does a Dell Dimension 4550 hard drive look like?

If you own said computer, open it up and look for it. Look for a thin ribbon cable that has a blue connector attached to the motherboard and follow that cable to the hard drive and you will answer your own question.

What power supply can fit into a dell dimension 4550?

So i have a dell dimension 4550 and need a new power supply. I have two I'm looking at, a Logisys 480 Watt 20+4pin ATX Power Supply and a Athena Power 400 Watt 20+4 pin Micro PS3 ATX.I want the one with the most power, but i don't want to do any case cutting for it though. Does anyone have any way to determine the size of the case for a 4550. It would be greatly appreciated

Is a dell dimension 4550 motherboard compatible with 8x AGP?

The dimension 4550 motherboard supports up to 4x AGP according to spec. However, you can use an 8x AGP card as the specification is backwards compatible. It won't take advantage of 8x throughput but it should work just fine emulating 4x.

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