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there would probably be overgrown bamboo trees in the area it inhabits

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Q: How would the loss of pandas affect the ecosystem?
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How would loss of habitat affect the toucan?

less prey less trees (their ecosystem

How does habitat loss affect endangered species?

it can affect endangered pandas because they do kung fu on sheep

How does a loss of soil nutrients affect an ecosystem?

not a question for atheism, try agriculture.

What effect would the loss of a producer have on the ecosystem?

A loss of a producer means that there will be less food for consumers since producers are the foundation of an ecosystem

If gorillas became extinct what would happen?

Ecosystem would suffer a loss , whole ecosystem may be disturbed .

How does loss of biodiversity affect ecosystems?

If you loose biodiversity then the types/numbers of organisms that can live in an ecosystem is restricted.

How would the loss of the blue whale affect ocean life?

How would the loss of the blue whale affect ocean life?

Why are pandas finishing?

The pandas are finishing because they loss all their homes and food supplies.

How would the loss of the pandas affect the world?

Other than the fact that pandas are most peoples favorite animal, pandas help with there warm fur! people use panda fur to make many things including sweaters, blankets and more! But even without that stuff people would miss the pandas. Especially since they are so many peoples favorite animal, and everyone floods the zoos to see them!

Why are pandas going exstint?

Loss of habitat

Why are the red pandas indangerd?

Mostly due to loss of habitat like regular pandas.

How does the loss of a species affect the ecosystem?

Every species in an ecosystem is intimately related with some other species of plants or animals for its survival and perpetuation. If any species of a ecosystem is lost that link of survival also get lost. Thus, the whole ecosystem get affected.

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