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If your great great uncle (the brother of your great grandparent) had a great great granddaughter, you would be third cousins, once removed.

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What is the relation between your grandaughter and your uncle?

Your granddaughter is your uncle's great great niece. He is her great great uncle, or some would say great grand uncle.

How would your great grandmother's brother be related to you?

Your great grandmother's brother is your great great uncle (some would say great grand uncle).

If your great uncle had kids how would you be related to them?

You are first cousin, once removed to the children of your great uncle.

How would an uncle's nephew's relatives be related to the uncles great granddaughter?

The uncle's nephew would be first cousins with the uncle's children. So the nephew would be a first cousin twice removed with the great granddaughter.

How is your great granddaughter related to your cousins great grandson?

They would be the fourth cousins. They share a common 5 Great Grandparent.

What relationship is your great uncles cousins granddaughter?

That person would be either me or my sister...if the cousin of me great uncle was my great grandfather. If the cousin was another of my great uncles, then the person would be my cousin. Example 1: My dad has a brother who is my uncle. That uncle has a father who is my great uncle. If his father or mother had sisters or brothers who had kids, these kids would be cousins to this great uncle. one of them could be my grandfather. so my grandfather's granddaughter would be me if I am a girl or my sister if I am a boy. Example 2: In any level of the family tree there can be cousins...children of my uncle or aunt. when they have kids they are second cousins...children of first cousins. If these second cousins have kids, they all are third cousins. So since my great uncle had a cousin which was 2 generations above me...the next generation would be second cousins and the third generation would be third cousins. If my grandfather was not the cousin in question, then the cousin would be someone else on the same generation level, 2 levels above me and the granddaughter would be on my level and therefore my third cousin.

How are you related to the brother of your great great grandfather?

The brother of your great great grandfather is your great great grand uncle, or, as some would say, your great great great uncle.

How are your grand nieces kids related to you?

Your Great-Aunt/uncle, would be your parent's aunt/uncle. So, your grand nieces would be your nieces kids, and plus their kids would make you their Great-Great-Aunt/Uncle.

What relation are you to your sister's son's daughter?

Your sister's son's daughter is your sister's granddaughter and your great niece. (Some would say "grand niece.") You are her great uncle or great aunt.

How am I related to my niece's children?

You would be a Great Uncle or Great Aunt depending on your sex

How would your grandmother's brother be related to you?

Your grandmother's brother is your great uncle.

What relationship would your uncle's great granddaughter be to you?

Your uncle's great granddaughter is your first cousin, twice removed.

How are you related to your great great grandparents' siblings?

They would be your great-great-grand uncle/aunt and you would be their great-great-grand niece/nephew.

What relation is my great-uncle's Great Uncle to me?

Your great uncle (by dictionary definition) would be your grandparent's brother. His great uncle would be his grandparent's sibling. So it would work out to be your great great great uncle (3rd great uncle).

If your great aunt and great uncle had a child how would the child be related to you?

The child of your great aunt and great uncle is the first cousin of one of your parents and your first cousin, once removed.

How is your aunts granddaughter related to you?

that would be your second cousin

What do you call your grandfathers uncle?

Your grandfather's uncle is your great great uncle. Your grandfather's brother would be your great uncle

What is your relation to your grandmothers uncle?

Great Great Uncle He would be your Great, Great Uncle. You are his Great, Great Niece or Nephew.

What relationship is my moms great uncle to me?

That would be your great great uncle.

What is my great uncle's granddaughter to me?

I would say that she would be your aunt.

What would you call your mother's father's uncle?

Your mother's father's uncle is your mother's great uncle and your great great uncle.

What relationship would your great great great grandfather's granddaughter be to you?

Your great great great grandfather's granddaughter could be your:great grandmothergreat great auntfirst cousin, three times removed

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