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There are many reputable virus scanners available for free on the internet. Grisoft makes one, but of course they try to sell an upgrade to you. The free one works quite well and isn't that much different than the one sold to businesses.

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Q: How would you acknowledge a computer virus?
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How do computer viruses get into your computer?

A Computer virus usually gets in by the internet , just like unwanted cookies. You would need a virus scanner to remove the virus from your computer or laptop .

How do a computer virus affect the computer?

It makes the computer slow and disfunction. Like how a VIRUS in your body would make your body disfunction.

Will Frenzoo give your computer a virus?

It is very unlikely you would get a virus from there.

Can you get a virus from diablo 3?

How would you get a virus from a computer game? No you cannot get a virus

What is the Bobbit computer virus?

I would report that to any virus company. its not in any of the virus databases

If your computer has a virus?

computer has a virus remove virus on the computer

What five solution for removing a virus from a computer?

Your best bet would be to just take the computer to Staples and have them remove the virus.

What are some of the disadvantages of computer virus?

what are the disadvantages of computer virus what are the disadvantages of computer virus

Abbreviation and definition of virus computer?

definition of a computer virus definition of a computer virus

How would protect a computer from virus which has virus protection software installed?

By downloading latest anti virus software

Does foopets have computer virus's?

nope I have had it for a few years, I would have a virus check though

Difference between the human virus and computer virus?

A computer virus causes harm to the computer while a a human virus causes harm to a human beings. A computer virus in curable a human virus is incurable.

How can you get a virus?

You can get a virus by going on websites that contain avirus. But you would not know when the virus is in your desktops it can multiply depends what kind of virus is it when the computer slows down or something else, have a scan made by your computer when it is found delete or clean the virus.

How do you remove a bloodhound virus from your computer?

Honestly, if you had this virus on your computer it's most likely you won't be able to remove by youself. You would have to go to your closest digital nomads which are people who can get a chip in your computer to help the virus go away.

What are some types of computer problems that may be identified by a McAfee virus scan?

Some problems identified by a McAfee Virus scan would be computer viruses such and worms and trojans. It will find a virus, then remove it from your computer.

Why is it unethical to create a computer virus?

Creating a computer virus is unethical because viruses do things on people's computer's without their permission. Creating and distributing a computer virus would be like using their computer without their consent. Also, depending on what the computer virus does, you could incur a number of other ethical problems - like stealing, harassment, etc.

What is acronym for virus in computer in computer?

the acronym name for computer virus

Why would your computer malfunction?

It could be a virus. :S

Is it possible to have a computer that is virus free?

Sure mine is virus free, but to have a computer that is completely immune to viruses always I think would be impossible. Hackers are competing with anti-virus companies to find new ways to get into your computer.

What is difference between scanning virus and removing virus?

Scanning virus only help to find the virus inside your computer disks, but do no other actions, virus is still in your computer. But Removing virus not only find it, but also remove the virus from your computer. Thus no such virus will remain in your computer after that.

If you have a virus on your computer and you want to go on Xbox live would the computer mess with the Xbox?


Does a computer with no display have a virus?

Every computer could have a virus but if you use your computer carefully it can be impossible for the virus to come to your computer.

What are discussion forums which focus on computer virus issues called?

Virus-L and computer virus are discussions forums which focus on computer virus issues

What is a virus in a computer?

a virus in a computer which is slowly breaking you computer and is hard to get rid of

What is slash was the most dangerous computer virus ever?

No. It was not. There was a Trojan horse that was lethal. Your computer would "destroy" itself and spread the virus without you knowing.