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How would you adjust the odometer on a 2000 model Holden Astra?

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It can be done if you possess specials electrical/computer equipment. There are web-sites offering this as a service. I will not link to them as it is generally only done for nefarious purposes (winding the mileage back to make the car sell for more).

However it is not actually illegal to adjust an odometer in some jurisdictions, as there is always the possibility of buying a second hand instrument pack/speedo and having the mileage reading on it altered to match the actual on the car it is then fitted to.

On most cars, you cannot change it without some special tools ... or something. However, when the speedometer fell of my 91 Toyota Tercel (I mean, serously, It fell off!!!!) I took off the wheel, the dash cover, and then broke the side of the plastic cover to put it back on. I could have adjusted the mileage from there, but at 149000, it didn't seem worth it. And its highly illegal.

(the above would seem to refer to older vehicles that had a mechanical odometer that could easily be changed using a small screwdriver to move the wheels, rather than more moden LCD speedometers that were developed to prevent this.)

2015-07-16 18:02:47
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