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How would you answer if you were ask what is your expected salary if you do not know their basic salary?

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2009-02-08 18:15:08

They always ask you this question!! Check out this awesome new

site called Jobnob where they show you REAL salaries people are

earning at thousands of companies. You can see both the range and

average. If your company is listed here then you will know how to

answer! If not find a competitor b/c maybe your company pays the

same. Then you can determine where you want to place yourself- at

the average? high? low?


Answer Per your request, an acceptable salary range for this

job, based on the description any my research $xx,xxx.-$xx,xxx.+,

not including benefits or supplements. My requirement is flexible

and negotiable, depending on such factors as additional benefits,

faster salary reviews, and increased advancement opportunities. And

search your area for comparable salaries. You should have a pretty

good idea of what the job pays for the area you are in. If you are

using a headhunter, they should be able to provide a range for your

skill set and experience. If not, there are numerous employment

resources that can help you understand the ranges for the job,

adjusted for area of the country and other factors.

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