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How would you answer this question Why are you currently searching for employment Mind you have just laid off because of down sizing?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-19 07:03:58

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I Would Be Very Straight Forward With This Question. I Would Not Just Say Unemployed Due Reshaping Of Company. Take Time To Go Over What Is Happening In This Event. Think This Way; If You Give An Untrue Answer, And They Call Or Already Know. You Will Loose The Job. Plus If You Lie You Also Will Loose Trust. Then Possibly The New Job Too.

2006-08-19 07:03:58
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There are millions of people who search for employment information online in the United States each day. The Internet is one of the best resources for job seekers to use when searching for full, part and temporary job openings because millions of employers and people searching for prospective employees use the Internet to recruit employees each day.New Employment Information is Posted Each DayThe Internet has become an extremely popular job search tool because new employment information on jobs in every field and industry are posted each day by employers across the United States. Whether a job seekers wants to stay local or is willing to relocate, the Internet makes searching for employment information extremely easy to do.Search For Upcoming Employment Information OnlineWhen searching for a position, job seekers should also search for companies that are currently hiring as well as companies that plan on hiring in the future. By searching for employment information online, employees should always keep in mind that many companies make important employment opportunity announcements online. By searching for upcoming employment information online, job seekers will land a job in no time whatsoever.Job Seekers Can Secure Confidential Employment Information OnlineIn addition to finding employment information that is readily available, job seekers may also find confidential employment information online that can be used to land a job on and offline. By taking the time to search for new employment opportunities, many job seekers stumble upon confidential employment information, including but not limited to names of hiring managers and other details that can help them land a job.Thousands of Websites That Offer Updated Employment InformationBy using the Internet everyday, job seekers can find updated employment information in any industry. Each day employers post new part, full and temporary positions on thousands of employment websites online.By taking the time to visit as many sites that cater to job seekers searching for work opportunities, job seekers will have no trouble finding employment information that they can use to land the perfect part or full-time job.

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