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Life in Jonas's community is highly structured and regulated, with strict rules governing everything from family units to career assignments. Emotions are suppressed and individuality is discouraged in order to maintain a sense of sameness and harmony. Citizens lack basic freedoms such as the ability to choose their own spouses or make decisions about their own futures.

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Q: How would you describe life in Jonas community?
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What was the givers plan for changing in the community?

The Giver's plan was to let Jonas attempt to reach Elsewhere. When Jonas left the community, all the memories that were given to him by the Giver would have returned back to the community. When the community had these memories, they hoped that their way of life would be change.

What would happen to the community if Jonas lost or died?

If Jonas were to die or be lost, the community would likely experience a significant loss since he plays a crucial role in guiding and making decisions for the community. It may lead to a period of unrest and uncertainty as they find a new leader to replace him. The community would undergo a transition period as they adapt to life without Jonas.

In the giver what is the giver's plan?

The Giver's plan is to teach Jonas about the true history and memories of the community in order to pass on the burden of those memories to Jonas and ultimately guide him to bring about change and restore emotion and color back to their world.

How did Jonas's relationship with his parents and friends change after he received his Life Assignment.?

Jonas is relationship with his parent and friends change after received his life assignment because Jonas is live in the community

What happened to the community in the end of the giver?

At the end of "The Giver," Jonas escapes the community with Gabriel, seeking freedom and a better life. The community is left in a state of uncertainty and change as they grapple with the memories and emotions that Jonas took with him. Jonas's departure prompts the community to question their way of life and consider making changes.

Where does Jonas go when the giver sends him away?

Jonas flees the community after receiving memories from the Giver. He ventures into Elsewhere, leaving the community behind to seek a better life.

How would life change for Jonas after the ceremony of twelve?

After the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas would begin his training as the Receiver of Memory and his life would drastically change as he learns about the true history and experiences of the community. He would no longer have traditional societal roles and would be isolated from his peers as he gains knowledge that challenges the beliefs and norms of the community. Ultimately, his new role would lead him to question the values and practices of the society he lives in.

What do you think happened in the community the day that Jonas left?

When Jonas left the community at the end of "The Giver," it's likely that there was confusion and distress among the residents. They may have experienced a sense of loss and uncertainty about the future without Jonas. The community could have also begun questioning their way of life and the memories that Jonas shared with them.

Why did the giver told Jonas to run away when it was against the rule?

The Giver told Jonas to run away because he saw that the community's strict rules were suppressing individuality and freedom, and he wanted Jonas to have a chance to experience a life outside of those constraints and find true happiness. He understood that the community's rules were flawed and limiting, and felt that Jonas deserved a better future.

What would the giver say had happened to Jonas?

The Giver would say that Jonas had escaped to Elsewhere, which suggests that he had left the community to start a new life beyond its limits. The Giver would likely emphasize the freedom and potential for growth that Jonas now had outside of their controlled society.

What is the pain Jonas and The Giver hatch?

Jonas and The Giver hatch a plan to help Jonas escape from the community and find a new life beyond the boundaries. They come up with a plan for Jonas to leave during the ceremony where he is supposed to be given his Assignment for life.

How does Jonas explain his community's treatment of the elderely?

Jonas explains that the community views the elderly as burdens due to their inability to contribute productively. They are released from the community when they reach a certain age, which is seen as a way to maintain efficiency and order. Jonas questions this practice, feeling that it neglects the value of their life experiences and wisdom.