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How would you find the value of circulated and slightly worn silver quarters?


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2011-10-18 21:12:56
2011-10-18 21:12:56

You can save yourself the time of grading them and looking them up by knowing that any silver quarter from 1940 or newer that shows visible wear from circulation is common enough that its value will only come from the silver it contains -- currently about $1.10 each.

Quarters from before 1940 can be graded and evaluated with the help of a basic coin book like the "Guide Book of United States Coins (the Official Redbook), available from most coin shows or online here :

If you already know how to grade your coins, you can reference an online RETAIL price guide here :



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$10.00 if they are not silver, about $100.00 of they are silver.

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90% silver U.S. quarters have a silver value of $7.50 as of 9-8-11.

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Not much more than circulated state quarters. They're not old or rare enough to be especially valuable.

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Franklin Half dollars are common coins. Because of this and the high price of silver, circulated coins are valued slightly above the silver content of the coin about $14.00.

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No 1972 US quarters have silver in them, the last year for silver quarters was 1964. so spend it

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