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How would you get in contact with the Band Rascal Flatts?


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There is no way to get in direct contact with Rascal Flatts where you will get a response from the band. This is because they have an extremely large fan base and it would be nearly impossible for them to respond personally to everyone. However, if you would like to let them know something you may always email their fanmail email address. The fanmail received is printed out and given to Gary, Jay, and Joe Don to read.


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there are three members in the band Rascal Flatts.

When Rascal Flatts was first beginning, they asked fans to suggest band names to them after playing a show. A man came up to them and told the band that his old garage band was named Rascal Flatts. He gave no explanation as to what the name meant, but Rascal Flatts asked the record company if that name would work,and it was good with them!

The Drummer and Band-Leader for Rascal Flatts is 'Jim Riley' .

No and Rascal Flatts is a band of three guys not a person

No, Rascal Flatts is a band, not a person, so there is no relations between the two.

Rascal Flatts is the name of the band. Not one member in particular is named Rascal Flatts. Gary Levox is the member most associated with the name Rascal Flatts, but Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney are also members of the band.

Rascal Flatts is a band. The band has 3 people in it. Their names are Jay DeMarcus, Gary LeVox, and Joe Don Rooney.

Rascal Flatts was playing a show one night when they were first starting out, and they asked the audience for suggestions on band names. A guy told them after the show that he had a garage band named Rascal Flatts and gave no other explanation on why it was called that. And so, Rascal Flatts was born.

Gary LeVox is the lead singer of Rascal Flatts/the best band ever

Jay DeMarcus does bass guitar, keyboard, piano, and vocals for the band Rascal Flatts.

Gary LeVox is the lead singer for Rascal Flatts. Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney are the other members of the band.

Yes, Rascal Flatts is a country band. They made a song that is in the movie Cars. The song is called Life is a Highway. It is in the part where Lightening is being taken to California.

They came together early in 1999.

The country band Rascal Flatts has a net worth of $21 million dollars. They have a number of albums, and first gained popularity in 1999.

No, considering that Rascal Flatts is the name of a popular country trio, not of a particular person. The band got their name from the name of a fan's garage band, not from Lester Flatt.

CMT Got Me in with the Band - 2004 Rascal Flatts 1-12 was released on: USA: 24 August 2002

Gary Levox, Joe Don Rooney, and Jay DeMarcus are the members of Rascal Flatts.

Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, and Joe Don Rooney.

Rascal Flatts is the band name, not a persons name. the band is a trio: Gary Levox, Jay Demarcus and Joe Don Rooney

Gary LeVox Jay DeMarcus Joe Don Rooney

Rascall Flatts. Rascal Flatts did a remake of this song...it was originally by Tom Cochrane who used to be in the band Red Rider

One may find out when Rascal Flatts is performing live by checking the official website for the band. One needs to click on the tour icon and a list of dates and locations will be shown.

No, I don't think so- they are just a really awesome country band.

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