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Multiply 20x26.

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Q: How would you get the sf of a 20ft x 26ft room?
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How many feet wide and long is a room if it has 120 sf?

TO determine square footage you would multiply the length by the width. Therefore a 120 square foot room would be 12 by 10.

Average size of a laundry room?

The average laundry room is 110 sf :D

How many 12x12 tiles needed for 9x 19 room?

It would be 171 sf, ideally 171 tiles but no tile is truly 12"x12" . SO i would purchase 171 sf when you go buy the tiles. not the number of tiles.

How long is flight from Frankfurt to sf?

A flight from Frankfurt to SF (Assuming SF is San Francisco) would take about 12 hours.

How many 2x4 studs needed for a room that is 784 sf?

it would depend on actual the dimensions of the room rather then the square footage.Play it safe and order 1 2X4 for every 1 linear foot of wall.

How many ft of baseboard do you need for 1000 sf room?

if it is a regular rectangle room than the most is 220 then subtract the door ways

If a tile is 8x 8 with 20 tile per pack how many pack do i need to buy if my room is 20'- 9x 21'- 6?

51 boxes . each box contains 8.8 sf your room is 446 sf so dividing the room size by the amount in each box gives you the amount of boxes.

What is 0.00747 rounded to the nearest sf?

There is no such thing as a nearest significant figure. For sf (as with decimal places) it is necessary to specify how many. 0.00747 to 1 sf is 0.007, to 2 sf it is 0.0075, to 3 sf it is 0.00747, to 4 sf it is 0.007470 and so on.

How many square feet is needed to carpet a 10x10 room?

100 SF or 34 Sq. Yards

How many sf of carpet do you need to cover a 12'x12' room of carpet?

12' X 12' = 144 sq ft

How many sheets of plywood would you need for a 11.5'x11' floor?

Typically plywood is 4'x8'. 4x8=32 sf.... If your room is 11.5 x 11 = 126.5 sf Divide your total by 32 --- 126.5/32 = 3.95 You will need at least 4 sheets of plywood. Remember to account for waste, you may need a 5th sheet.

How long would it take to fly from SF to Greece?

it would take approximately 10 hours