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Write it down on paper.

I have ADD and it isn't hard if you are telling someone, because as long as what you are saying is important, you will focus on that more than the other things that are in your mind. you may have trouble explaining it though.

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How do you say you are a taxidriver?

If you are telling someone else what they are, "Usted es conductor de taxi". If you are telling someone that you yourself are a taxi driver, then it is "Soy conductor de taxi."

When do you use you yourself and you in a sentence?

The word "you" should be used when talking directly to a person. The word "yourself" should be used when telling someone to do something. For example, "go fix it yourself".

What does take your head out of your butt mean?

This is a rude way of telling someone to concentrate. The image is of them bent over with their head stuffed up their butt, unable to see anything.

How do you love someone who have wife?

ANSWER:By telling yourself that it will destroy many lives, especially if this married man had kids. You would not want your husband to do this to you right? You wouldn't let someone hurt and destroy your kids life, am I correct? So by telling yourself it will be messy, you can start looking for a man who is single that will love you, and not hide you..

How can you inspire someone?

You can inspire someone by telling them the truth, and maybe telling them a story about someone who inspired you!

Where does the phrase put your foot in your mouth originate from?

It's a mixture of someone telling you to kick yourself in the teeth, and shut up at the same time

What is it mean when you dream about someone that passed away and they kiss you and then wake up?

It means you were thinking about them and you want to know if they "remember" you to. You are telling yourself that they cared about you.

How do you keep yourself from falling for a guy you like but with whom you know a relationship with would have no future or would be unwise?

You just got to keep telling yourself that there is someone out there just for you and that this one may not be the right one

How can you tell the difference between what you are telling yourself and what God is telling you?

You are not comfortable with what you are telling yourself and repeatedly worry about it. Once you turn it over to the Lord, He will give you peace and direction that makes you wonder why you did not think of that in the first place.

How would you write a paragraph about your nan being your hero?

Pick 3 reasons why your 'Nan' is your hero. Picture yourself telling someone about your Nan like telling your favorite teacher about someone who makes you feel good. Then, write what you would say, focusing on the 3 reasons you want to tell about your Nan.

How do you tell him?

The best way of telling him is how you told yourself.

How do you beat24 carrot?

answer it yourself you fudgebag i am not telling you what to do you idiot

Does starving yourself stop you period?

Yes, which is your body's way of telling you how unhealthy you are making yourself.

How do I respond to Tell me about yourself in an interview?

By telling your strengths and weaknesses.Something about yourself that is related to the job you are applying.

Can somebody tell me what's my next step in life?

Anybody can tell you what your next step is but it is best to figure that out for yourself. Of course, that is just someone telling you what your next step is.

What is it like to be bipolar?

its like going from smiling one moment to violently crying the next

How do you describe yourself in 25 words in a job?

ant telling

What is a insecure narrator?

Someone who is unsure of what he is telling.

How do you know if someone is telling the truth?

ask them

Is telling someone you hope they die a crime?


What is the meaning of teaching granny to suck eggs?

Teaching or telling someone something they already know. Teaching or telling someone something they already know.

How do you respond to you keep telling yourself that sweetie?

When the individual tells you 'you keep telling yourself that sweetie' is telling you that you are either lying, in denial or aren't in they realm of reality. You have the choice of believing what you think or stated on your behalf or take some opinions or good advice from the person.

How do you tell your mom that you met someone without telling her first?

By telling her that you met some one.

If you like someone and they don't know you like them but you don't want embarrass yourself by telling the whole grade who you like how can you get the message out you like them?

the only way to make sure no one else knows would be to tell them yourself. they might tell people though, so be wary. if you want them to know without telling them, tell people who are close to that person and who will tell them.

What does it mean if a snake is talking in your dreams?

This means that someone is trying to deceive you. Don't deceive yourself by believing in only the best in people. Your subconscious is telling you not to trust everything you are being told.