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The first sign is usually a missed period. Other signs around the time of when your period is due is sore breasts, nausea, dizziness, headaches and bloating. Unfortunately these could also mean bad PMS, coming down with the flu or stress. If you are overdue with your period and have been experiencing some or all of these symptoms, you are pretty much sure to be pregnant. A home pregnancy test should show a positive when you are a couple of days overdue, so take one to be sure.

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Q: How would you know if you were pregnant?
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When would you know if you are pregnant with twins?

How do you know if you are pregnant with twins?

Can you not know you are pregnant at 20 weeks?

I know of a couple of girls who did not know they were pregnant until they were in labour. So i guess you could be and not know. Although i dont understand how women could be pregnant and not know. You would think they would feel the baby move at some point.

How well you know when you will be able to get pregnant?

You will know that you can get pregnant after you start to have your period. it would as be a good thing to go to the doctors and ask them if you are able to become pregnant

If you where 11 how would you know if you are pregnant?

Firstly to get pregnant you would have to start your period. If you have started at around about 11 then you would know by missing your periods. They should come monthly but if not... There you go.

How would you know you have made a connection with your husband?

When you are pregnant.

Is my guinea pig pregnant?

How would anyone know.

When you do the pregnancy test how would you know if its positive or negative?

you would know by looking in the bubble on the stick and there is a - and a + if you get the + you are pregnant if you get the - you are not

How many months would you know that you're pregnant?

With in a week of your missed period that you can know that you are pregnant or not. Please consult the doctor for help.

Can a 13 year old girl be pregnant?

Yes. If she has a period she can get pregnant.

What does it mean when your boyfriend asks you if your pregnant?

Presumably, it means he would like to know if you're pregnant.

What if your period comes on and you is pregnant but you did'nt know you was pregnant what will happen?

Firstly I will say: I'm a guy but I will try to reassure you with the knowledge i know. if a female is pregnant she will not have here period (from what I know) and i have never heard of a case were a female would have her period when she is pregnant, the reason for this is because it is a common sign to check if you are pregnant. so my answer for you would be : that wouldn't happen

Are periods heavier when trying to get pregnant?

No. The body doesn't know you are trying to get pregnant when you start menstruating. There is nothing that would do that. If you are pregnant and have a early miscarriage you would bleed more.

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