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By reacting it with a proton donor (an acid), forming water and salt.

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Can neutralize a base is chemical property or physical property?

When you neutralize, it would be a chemical property.

How would you neutralize an acid?

With an opposite level pH base.

How do you neutralize a solution of potassium hydroxide?

Potassium Hydroxide(KOH) is a base (it is "basic"). An acid will neutralize a base. Acetic acid can be used to neutralize KOH. Baking soda is a base, so it will not work to neutralize KOH.

What base would you use to neutralize an acidic lake?

The suitable base is calcium hydroxide, lime or lime water.

What happens to the corrosive properties of an acid and a base after they neutralize each other?

If an acid and a base completely neutralize each other, their corrosive properties will be nullified and the resulting solution would not be corrosive at all.

What happens when an acid and base are mixed?

that will neutralize each other. If you spill a base pour acid on it and if you spill an acid pour a base on it to neutralize them.

What do you neutralize battery acid with?

you would need a base in neutralize since it is an acid, but you would need to the acid's hp number. Bleach would probably work, but don't try it get medial help.

Would you use a acid or a base to neutralize a solution with a pH of 3?

A pH of 3 indicates an acid, therefore it would be neutralized by a base.

How do you neutralize in chemistry?

An Acid for a Base, a Base for an Acid

Can chlorine act with bases?

Chlorine would be an acid, but you could neutralize it with a base such as lye.

Does an Acids neutralize bases?

If you have a base an acid can neutralize it, giving water and a salt

Would it take the same amount of base to neutralize a weak acid as it would a strong acid?

The amount of base depends on the chemical formula of the acid.

How can a base be used to neutralize an acid?

To neutalize an acid with a base you must put the base in the acid, that will give the substance pH of 7 which is neutral. You can also neutralize a base with an acid, but putting the acid in the base.

What base would you add to chyme?

The pancreas secretes bicarbonate (HCO3-) to the chyme in the duodenum to neutralize it.

How do you neutralize an atom?

I think.. If the ion was made with an acid, you neutralize it with a base of the same strength. It the ion was made with a base, you neutralize it with an acid of the same strength. You'll know what acid/base to use if you can find a chart showing source acid/base used to make the ion.

Does a base neutralize a acid?

If the base is of the equivalent strength of the acid, yes.

How much acid can a stong base neutralize?

A base can neutralize a acid of its opposite pH (potential hydrogen) which is a scale of 1-14 so if a base is a 14 it can neutralize a 1, a 13 a 2 and so forth. Until you get to 7, which is pure water (neutral)

Something too neutralize salty taste in a curry?

try adding lime juice as it will neutralize the base

Neutralize a base physical or chemical property?

Well if you read Science is Fun you would know the Answer is obviously Chemical

Is there ammonia in vinegar?

No, vinegar is a solution of acetic acid. As ammonia is a base the two would neutralize each other.

Do bases neutralize acids?

Bases can neutralize acids. When a strong base and acid is combined, it results in a neutralization reaction.

Is something that can neutralize a base a physical or a chemical property?

It is Chemical Property that can Neutrilize a Base

What volume of the acid is required to neutralize the base?

Well,i guess the same volume as the base.

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