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Q: How would you prepare your pet for travel with a pet passport and chip if you are in Mexico?
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When do babies have to get a passport?

If you would like your baby to travel with you especially an international passport then you should get him/her a passport for the travel.

Do you need a passport to travel into Mexico in the year 2017?

If you are a resident of the US, you need a passport to travel to ANY other nation and to return to the US.

Can you travel to Mexico with an African passport?

Yes, but depending on your home country you would also need a visa issued by the Mexican government.

What if your passport expires while you are in Mexico?

Most countries would not let you enter unless the passport remains valid for the length stay. For Mexico, this usually means you can travel up until 6 months before your passport expires; otherwise most airlines will not allow you to board the plane.

Do you need a passport to travel from the US to the Cancun?

If you travel out of the US you always need a passport. So that would be a yes!!!!

Can a US green card holder travel to Mexico visa free?

No. To enter Mexico from the US you would need your American passport. If you don't, you would require an ID or birth certificate when traveling by land.

Would one need a passport to travel to Barcelona?

Yes one would need a passport to travel to Barcelona as if one is going abroad on holiday one would need a passport to enter the country. If one lives in Spain the passport is not required.

Does a legal resident need a passport to travel to Mexico?

Yes, although you can try to " hop " the border, i would not sugust this. But to answer your question correctly, you do need a real passport... Or a really good fake, good luck

Can you travel on a valid Yugoslav passport?

You can travel with valid Yugoslav passport until December 31, 2011. But you should note that you will need visa for most of the countries if you travel with such passport. It would be wisest thing to replace Yugoslav passport for new Serbian or Montenegrin passport.

Do you need a passport to fly into Cozumel Mexico from the United States?

Yes, you need a passport to go from the U.S. to Mexico because Mexico is not part of the U.S. If you were going to a U.S. territory and you were a U.S. citizen, you would not need a passport.

Can an ex convict get a passport to go to Mexico?

An ex convict can get a passport in the United States. He or she may or not be allowed into Mexico on the passport. That would depend on a variety of specific issues that may individually apply.

Do you need a passport to cruise to the Bahamas?

To leave the United States you would need a passport. This is also required for air travel, and land travel.

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