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1. Keep Calm

2. Do not argue, reason, restrain or fight back.

3. Get away as quickly as possible, taking any children with you and warning any endangered adults.

4. Call doctor as soon as you're safely away and possibly the police.

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How do you make a sentence with safely?

I am driving my car safely to prevent an accident.

Can you operate a motorcycle with 2 passengers?

Not safely and not legally.

Can you run a 150 motor on a boat rated for 115 HP?

Not safely or legally.

Is stick pivot free?

Yep. Google it to find links on where to download safely and legally.

How can you download free music safely and legally?

You must either pay for it or receive permission.

What could be done to prevent accidents?

By driving safely and were your self belt.

What size is the biggest boat or yacht that can be safely and legally towed by a standard pickup truck?

depends an the truck

What product or item can you safely and legally carry on walks with your dogs to deter aggressive animals?

A golf club

How can you prevent a nuclear disaster?

by using less technology and by doing chemical works safely.

How do you escape from a tornado safely?

if you have a basement you may be safe in there or in a underground shelter would also keep you safe from the violent storm

What are the endangered species in chilika lake?

so that they are kept safely. also to prevent extinction of the species

How can you prevent your period?

By using hormonal Birth Control Pills you can safely go months without a period.

Can a thirteen year old safely sit in the front seat?

That is determined by the size, and build of a person, but yes they can legally sit in the front.

Do you need doors on your car legally?

No, legally you do not need to have doors on your vehicle. It is highly recommended for your safety if there is a roll over or you have severe neck injury that you do have a door so that EMS can safely get you out of the car with no other injury to yourself.

How do you stop pregnancy before a month?

The doctor will either give you a medical or suction abortion. You can not do it safely, surely and legally without seeing a doctor.

What to eat to abort-pregnancy?

There is no food that will make you surely and safely and legally abort. It would be much safer to go to a clinic and have a trained professional do it.

How are group 1 metals stored safely?

Group 1 metals are stored under a layer of oil. This prevents them from coming into contact with the oxygen in the air. Thus the violent reaction of group 1 metals and oxygen is prevented and the metals can be stored safely under oil.

What is the role of a circuit breaker?

to prevent a circuit from overloading if too much current flow safely interrupt the circuit if it becomes overloaded

How did William s sims prevent ships from being sunk?

reduced shipping losses and ensured that american troops arrived safely

What to do when you approach a yellow light?

you slow down!The official road rule is that if it is unsafe for you to stop you may go through, but legally if you can safely stop you must do so.

How many passengers doea a Kia sorento seat?

Easily seats 5 safely and legally--- One more would crowd the back seat and not have a seatbelt.

How can you use copyrighted items safely and legally?

To use copyrighted works safely and legally, you would need to make sure that you have permission to use such content. This usually involves reaching out to a copyright owner or a designated license managing entity.

Can you shoot your 22 in your backyard?

Well, yes, I can- but MY backyard is 30 acres of pasture, and 100 acres of woods. There is no way that we can tell you whether YOU can shoot safely and legally in YOUR backyard.

Is jupiter a good choice for a space colony?

No, it is not. Jupiter has no solid surface on which we could build a colony, and the planet's violent winds would make it impossible to safely maintain a floating colony.

What do yellow broken or solid lines indicate what kind of traffic?

In the United States, yellow lines divide lanes of oncoming traffic. A solid yellow line indicates you cannot safely or legally pass a vehicle in front of you by merging into the oncoming traffic lane; a broken yellow line indicates you can legally and safely pass a vehicle in front of you by merging into the oncoming traffice land after determining there is no oncoming traffic.