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If an American citizen gives birth in Jamaica is the child considered an American or Jamaican citizen and will the child be able to go to America without paperwork

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Q: How would you start the process of marriage to an illegal alien?
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Can an illegal alien from Mexico who entered the US illegally is paying child support for his illegal alien children and is married to a US citizen but has no children with his wife be deported?

Yes. He should have had his wife start the procedures to sponsor his citizenship when they got married. If she knew he was illegal, she, too, could face criminal charges for housing an illegal alien. Since no illegal can enter into a legally binding contract, the marriage may not be legal either.

Is it legal if you are an Australian citizen and want to get married to an illegal alien in the USA?

I am not immigration lawyer or anything like that. But I believe that if it is very hard for a US citizen to marry an illegal alien in the US (because of all the paperwork and time that it takes and the legth of time, one year or more. Often the illegal alien will HAVE to go back to their country and start the paperwork process from there). That's why it seems to me that it would be even more difficult for a permanent resident alien to marry an illegal alien, but perhaps not imposible-- perhaps. That is assuming that you are a permanet resident alien of the US or have a similar visa.

When are you expected to start courtship his it be for marriage or after marriage?

Courtship is considered a process leading to a close relationship or to marriage.

Im an illegal alien got a kid with a us citizen we have being living together for 3 years what do I need to do to get married and how long would it take to start the immigration process?

Get the hell out of our country is what you can do

Does an illegal alien become a citizen upon marrying a us citizen?

No, an illegal alien does not become a citizen upon marrying a US citizen. You have to wait a period of time before you can start the process of becoming a citizen. Once you have completed your waiting period you must file petitions to become a citizen and go through citizenship classes. You then take written or oral exams.

If you marry an illegal alien do you have to pay any fines?

No, of course not. You may have to pay for the marriage license, but you don't have to pay any special "fines." I don't know who gave you that idea, but it is the most amuzing thing I've heard in my life!! Now, if you want to start the process of applying for the person to become legal, the applications do carry fees, but there are no fines.

How do you get your marriage annulled in the Roman Catholic Church?

You have to start by talking to a priest or deacon and get paperwork started. It is lengthy process, but that is the place to start if one believes the marriage to be invalid for just reasons.

Does an illegal alien need to return to their home country before they can apply for citizenship?

Illegal immigrants are not eligible to obtain citizenship. They have to meet certain requirements (including legal residency requirements in most countries) before they could even be considered. -- Help me in the battle to conquer cancer. Please support my fundraising efforts at What steps does an illegal alien over 21 years old need to take to be eligable to apply for citizenship; do they need to return to their homeland to start process?

What is the process for a green card holder to marry a US Citizen?

You start a relationship, and then the proposal of marriage is made. You get an approval for the marriage, and then have a wedding or civil ceremony.

Is it illegal to start a car when your twelve?

Not illegal to start it but illegal to move the car.

Can an illegal alien obtain a green card from domestic violence in the u.s?

No. Alien would have to first make her/his stay legal before starting any immigration benefits.Case of domestic violence could be an advantage to start the ball rolling.

Why do some alien numbers start with one A and some with AA?

Both stand for alien maybe another alien for aa and for one a is alien

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