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Carbon dioxide form a milky suspension of calcium carbonate in calcium hydroxide; hydrogen doesn't react. But hydrogen react with oxygen when a flame exist.

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Combustion reaction of propane gives carbon-dioxide and water. Water gives the result that propane contains hydrogen.

Carbon dioxide does not show reactions with acids.

The solution of carbon dioxide in water is colorless.

to see if a gas given off is carbon dioxide you can trap gas in a test tube light a splint and place in tube if flame goes out then it is Carbon Dioxide

By blowing into a test tube of bicarbonate of soda, this should turn cloudy if carbon dioxide is present

the show excretion by when they poo and carbon dioxide and urea comes out

One of the causes of carbon dioxide emitted from the skin is sweating. Research studies show humans are more prone to release carbon dioxide from heavy breathing due to vigorous exercises.

You can find the rate of carbon dioxide production by doing an experiment to show the rate of carbon dioxide,You do this by counting the number of bubbles produced per minute.Increasing any key factor will increase the rate...

The particle diagram should show particles of hydrogen and oxygen in the candle while particles of carbon dioxide should come out of it

Yes, chemical formulas show the number of atoms in a compound. Water is H2O -- two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom. Carbon dioxide is CO2 -- one carbon and two oxygen atoms.

When tracing the path of oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and glucose in the production of energy it will show that first oxygen and water enter the cell. Carbon dioxide and glucose are then produced in the cell and carbon dioxide is given off. Energy is also dispelled as glucose.

Carbon dioxide means carbon dioxide for two major reasons. One, is that carbon dioxide is made up of the element carbon, which is how it get the carbon of it's name, and is also made up of the element oxygen, which is how it got the oxide part of it's anem. The second and final reason is to explain the di part of the name. Di means two, and since carbon dioxide is made up of one carbon atom and two oxygen atmos, to show the two oxygen atoms, di is put before the oxide to make carbon dioxide. The chemical formula for this is CO2, with the 2 being in subscript.

I'm not sure if it's an official test, but you could take a lit match and put it in the test tube (keeping the test tube right side up). If the test tube does contain carbon dioxide the match would be smothered since the carbon dioxide prevents oxygen from reaching the match.

6CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) + 6H2O (Water) + Light--------> C6H12O6 (Glucose) + O2 (Oxygen) It is needed to react with water under the presence of light to produce glucose and oxygen.

The gram atomic mass for carbon is 12.001 and the gram atomic mass for hydrogen is 1.008. Since a compound has constant composition, the percentages given show that a sample of 100 grams would contain 81.70 grams of carbon and 18.29 g of hydrogen. 81.70 grams of carbon contains 81.70/12.001 or 6.808 gram atomic masses of carbon, while 18.29 grams of hydrogen contains 18.14 gram atomic masses of hydrogen, for a ratio between hydrogen and carbon of about 2.66. The small integers that most closely approximate this ratio are 8 and 3. Therefore, the empirical formula is C3H8.

During burning a substance is transformed in carbon dioxide and water.

carbon (s) + 2 oxygen (g) = carbon dioxide (g) the s stands for solid, and g for gas. it is probably not needed. the 2 in front of oxygen is to show that twice the number of oxygen atoms will be used, as there are two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom in a C02 molecule.

The skeletal formula for ethane will show how the six hydrogen atoms share 1 electron with carbon in order to form six carbon-hydrogen covalent bonds. The two carbon atoms, in turn, will each share an electron to form on carbon-carbon covalent bond. This makes up the ethane molecule.

They are easily dissolved in acids releasing carbon dioxide as a gas.

Plants use carbon dioxide(CO2) along with water and sunlight to make their own food (sugars). This is called photosynthesis. They release oxygen. The carbon clycle is just to show you how plants use carbon dioxide. I hope this helps!!(LETTERS IN BOLD ID THE DEFINITION OF CARBON CYCLE AND NORMAL LETTERS IS WHAT I THINK!!)

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