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How would you trap an angel?


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You cannot trap a good angel here on earth because it is a heavenly being with powers we humans do not have. It can return to heaven at will. A demon can establish residence in a human being so that is one way the demons are trapped until they are ordered to leave the human being.

No unclean thing can enter into the kingdom of God. Therefore to trap an angel you have to have them commit some sin which condemns them to whatever state they are currently in. The easiest way to do this is to have them commit some 'sin of omission', that is fail to do something that they should do.

One such instance was manufacture by Marcellus of Dane when he engaged an angel in a theological discussion then proved that the angel took the name of the lord in vain in at least five instances. (The angel could have 'validly made his points' without referencing the almighty in certain occasions.) The angel was at his beck until he

  1. Confessed his sin
  2. Resolved not to repeat his sin.
  3. Made restitution for his sin.

The sticky point was in making restitution, as Marcellus refused to listen to the angels explanations and apology. The angel however entered his dreams and completed his penitence and was free again to return to the presence of the Lord God.


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