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how would you use the word demacracy in a sentence?

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Q: How would you use democracy in a sentence?
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Would you please use democracy in sentence?

The type of government in America is a democracy.

How can you use democracy in a sentence?

The united states government is a democracy.

How do you use Jacksonian democracy in a sentence?

Jacksonian Democracy is a movement toward greater democracy

Would you please use tyrant in sentence?

A tyrant rules with his fist. There is no room for a tyrant in a democracy.

How do you use democracy in a sentence.?

The most Americans when ask would say that the United States' form of government is a Democracy, that is all adult people have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives, but of course they would be incorrect because the United States was formed as a Republic form of government in where the people vote for and elect their representatives to fill the offices of state.

How would you put democracy in a sentence?

Democracy in the Arab world is almost unheard of.

How do you use constitutional democracy in a sentence?

American government is based off of a constitutional democracy.

Can use the word democracy in a compound sentence?

The idea of democracy is great. But it doesn't work.

How do i use demorcacy in a sentence?

Well you could say:"The ancient Greeks founded democracy."-or-"The democracy was used by the ancient Greeks after many different types of government."-or-"The United States of America is not a democracy, but is a representative democracy."There are many ways to use "democracy" in a sentence!

Would you use oligarchy in sentence please?

Until 1916 the country was ruled by an oligarchy of landowners who operated a parliament on a restricted suffrage.

Can you use the word democracy in a sentence?

We welcome new members to join in the fight for a liberal democracy.

How can you use social democracy in a sentence?

The Greeks built the second type of government called democracy.

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