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Q: How would you write 140 in roman numerals?
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What is Roman numerals for 140?

In todays notation of Roman numerals: CXL.

What is cxl in roman numerals?


What is XY in roman numerals?

Y is not generally a roman numeral, but can sometimes be 150; XY would be 140.

What is CXL?

Assuming you're relating the question to Roman numerals - CXL would be 140

What does CXL mean in Roman numerals?

CXL = 140

What is XCL in roman numerals?

140 but under today's rules governing the Roman numeral system 140 is notated as CXL.

What is 140 in Roman numerals?

C = 100 and XL = 40 (10 less than 50) so 140 is CXL

What is XLC in roman numerals?

XLC doesn't exist in Roman Numerals, because we have to follow some certain rules to write any roman numeral in this system. We can use 'X', before or after 'L' and C, but we should never use 'L' before 'C'. Since 'L' is written before 'C', it is meaningless.Answered by,Mr. Shaji MathewBirla Public School,Doha, Qatar

What is CXL in Hindu Arabic numerals?


What is CXL in Hindu-arabic numerals?


How do you read this roman numerals by number XCLDV?

The Roman numeral you have included is not a valid number. Generally speaking C is 100 and X = 10 so in the case of the number mentioned, it starts as XC = 90 (ten less than 100). Then comes L, which is 50 so we could get 140... but the right way to write 140 in Roman numberals is CXL not XCL. Then you add the D, which is 500. This number should definitely come at the front. Then you add V which is 5. Assuming the number you wanted to represent was 545 you would put: DCXLV not XCLDV.

How would you write 65.14 million in numeric form?

You would write it as... 65,140,000 or 65 140 000