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With Spore.

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Q: How you can make 3dimensional creature in computer?
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How do you make a 3Dimensional house with thermocol?


What is the 3dimensional shape of a pentagon?

Pentagonal Prism

What is a way of drawing the globe on flat paper?

Draw the globe stand, then place the globe in it. Then draw the landmarks and do some shading to make the globe look 3Dimensional.

What are the names of a 3dimensional figure with a curved surface?

Sphere, cylinder and a cone

In the book Nightlight what kind of creature is Edwart?

He's not a creature, he turns out to be a regular human, just a computer nerd.

How do you make a creature alliteration poem?

First your creatures name. Then where your creature lives. Then what your creature eats. Then tell what they like. Then tell what your creature did to you. Tip:Make it a made up creature.

Is there a spore called spore creature creator?

yes but its for computer

What is a 3dimensional art form?

mostly sculpture. this could be stone, ceramic (clay), or metal work.

How do you make a lost tapes creature?

All you have to do is either use your computer and add the creatures and give it color and how ever asked this question you should have known but there you go.

Does spore creature creator crash often?

No, not often. But if your computer is acting odd save the creature soon as possible to end future regret

How many creature from the black lagoon films did they make?

They made 3 films: Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954), Revenge of the Creature (1955), and The Creature Walks Among Us (1956)

In spore how do you fight other creature on ds?

swipe the creature with your sylis but what I want to know is what is the best creature you can make when first started

What is 3dimensional programme in auto cad?

there are programs called solid works and catia made just for 3d models.

How do you get your spores in the game?

-For the CELL stage the computer will choose a cell creature for you. -In the CREATURE stage you will by able to choose or create a cell creature to use in game. -For the tribal,civilization and space you will be able to choose a normal creature or create one. BE SHORE YOU HAVE 'SPORE' NOT 'SPORE CREATURE CREATOR' BECAUSE IN 'CREATURE CREATOR' YOU CAN ONLY CREATE CREATURES.

Can you make your own creature on spore?

yes if you have the creature creature of spore galactic adventures Even spore works and a hint is also in the creators to make a creature with one eye on 1 side but not the other hold A and also spin the galaxy to see something really cool

How do you make an epic on spore galactic adventures?

You make the creature very powerful with the yin/yang tool, then re size the monster or creature by holding the shift key and holding the creature at the same time then use the scroll on your mouse to super size it or make it smaller.

Is a sphere a perfect circle?

no, it is sphere is not a perfect circle. because sphere is 3dimensional figure and circle is 2 dimensional figure

Words for your Octanauts creature report song Skates?

The Creature Report song is a reoccurring song on the TV show Octanauts and changes per episode theme. The standard song is Creature Report! Creature Report! Whales are huge and they bite you, They make you see what is theirs, They make a mistake, And they give you some time! They give you a mission! Creature Report! Creature Report! We're done with the mission... Octonauts at ease Until the next adventure!

What arguments does the creature use to persuade Frankenstein to make the female creature?

he was lonely and needed some one to love

Can you make a creature in Black White 2?


What does the creature demand from Victor?

To make him a wife.

How do you make a giant spore?

Once you evolve from the creature stage, your creature will be very strong and so strong, if you made a different creature on another planet, it would be a giant because you have earned invincibility. Or you can keep on playing forever in the creature stage. And make it strong and stronger with other weapons and evolving it much. It must be a carnivore or omnivore.

What might cause the Spore creature creator to not work on my computer?

Your computer might not meet the system requirements. Things that gave me a problem is operating system and graphics card and my computer was only a year old.

Can you play with your creatures on spore creature creator?

Yes just click a galaxy at first page make a creature and JOURNEY ON!

How can you make a three headed creature on spore galactic adventures?

you put arms on your creature then take of the hands and but on a mouth and eyes